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How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011

Immeasurable Value of Religion, Volunteers and Their Chaplains

by Michael G. Maness


Forewords by               New - Order Here <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <

 Frank E. Graham Jr., Founder and President, Chapel of Hope

Jerry A. Madden, Senior Fellow, Right on Crime; 
Chair, Texas House Committee on Corrections 2005-09 and 2011-12

Carol S. Vance, Former Chairman of the TBCJ; 
Harris County District Attorney, 1966-79

Dr. Keith Bellamy, Senior Minister, Woodville Church of Christ; 
TDCJ Certified Volunteer Chaplain  

How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011

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Caveman Cartoon
Used with Permission
TDCJ has regularly deleted critical sociological records for 25-plus years, including records of chaplaincy

In early January 2011, we found out that the entire chaplaincy service was zero budgeted, ended, over, entirely cut out of the Texas budget.  We rallied as many as we could to contact as many legislators as we could.  And we saved Texas prison chaplaincy.

It was a hard fight and a stupendous victory.

Chaplains facilitate the greatest resource for change in human history--religion.  And co-labor with volunteers who came to our aid ... thankfully. 

This is our story.  May it never happen again.  

If it does, here is how we fought, the data and fliers we used, and how we networked.

God blessed Texas.

Michael G. Maness, D.Min., M.Div., B.A.

TDCJ Senior Clinical Chaplain 20 yrs.  

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on the book  ~

"Texas prison staff chaplains learned in early 2011 that the Legislature had placed $0 in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice budget for their ministry. In How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011, Michael G. Maness chronicles the individuals, groups and actions that made winning the impossible battle possible. The astonishing results impact lives today, every day and for eternity."

Kathy R. Hillman
2015 President
Baptist General Convention of Texas

"In this well researched and informative book, Dr. Michael Maness conveys the truth set forth in all religions, that we are to reach out to the disconnected and forgotten members of society.  The prison chaplain is God's representative, proving a 'ministry of presence' that communicates forgiveness, reconciliation and hope, for those removed from society and struggling to change their lives.  This ministry speaks to all the dynamics of prison life, which includes staff interaction and responses.  As Maness emphasizes, chaplains are often the strongest form of encouragement and support for inmates.  Needless to say, their ministry directly impacts upon successful reentry and recidivism.  As such, this is a book that has value for everyone."

Rev. Dr. Henry G. Covert
Pennsylvania State Prison Chaplain, retired
author of
Ministry to the Incarcerated

Table of Contents

>  >  > Full Table of Contents <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <


Preface by Michael G. Maness – Shock: No Staff Chaplain in Texas Prisons?!?


Foreword by Frank E. Graham Jr., Founder, President, Chapel of Hope

Foreword by Jerry A. Madden, Senior Fellow, Right on Crime

          Chair, Texas House Committee on Corrections 2005-09 and 2011-12

Foreword by Carol S. Vance, Former Chairman of the TBCJ

          Harris County District Attorney, 1966-79

Foreword by Dr. Keith Bellamy, Minister, Woodville Church of Christ

          TDCJ Certified Volunteer Chaplain and Chaplain of Tyler County


Preamble. Shocked—Old Memories Re-Surface on Gib Lewis


Chapter I. My Part and the Professional Context of Saving Texas Chaplaincy

Chapter II. Rationale for Killing Chaplaincy Versus Chaplains Helping, Serving Volunteers

Chapter III. Expendable Chaplains – 1992 COMISS Report

Chapter IV. Hard Data on Chaplaincy Value and Complete Cost Recovery

Chapter V. First Blast and Deadline for Immediate Action

Chapter VI. 30 Updates Begin and the Question:

           Where Is There a More Cost-Effective Department?

Chapter VII. Legislature Seated – Networks Working

Chapter VIII. Chaplain, Not a Pastor – Immeasurable Value of Care for the Soul

Chapter IX. Texas Lottery $1.6M Surveys

Chapter X. National Ministries Network and Seeing Chaplaincy “In Color”

Chapter XI. Body without a Soul to “Everybody’s Freaking Out” to Victory


Conclusion on the Vital Issues of Life


Appendices Contents

Appendix 1 – Emmett Solomon on Staff Chaplains

Appendix 2 – TDCJ Chaplaincy Statistics

Appendix 3 – TDCJ Prisoner Faith Statistics FY2010 - first longitudinal analysis

Appendix 4 – COMISS Report on Georgia 1992

Appendix 5 – Texas and TDCJ Budget Conundrums

Appendix 6 – Maness’ Volunteer Poems

Appendix 7 – Hospitality Program Cancelled

Appendix 8 – Prison Staff Chaplain Survival Guide

Appendix 9 – Chaplain Professional Equity 2001, Subsequent Cuts, Additions

Appendix 10 – First Chaplaincy Audit in TDCJ History—2000

Appendix 11 – TDCJ Annual and Statistical Reports and Record Retention

end destruction of precious records . . . of human transformation



Bibliographies and Resources for Chaplaincy

Links Referenced in Text

Index to How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy

Full Table of Contents


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original site set up in January 2011
with resources to fight for Chaplaincy 

site began in circa 1998 for all things on
prison chaplaincy - one of largest in world  

Chapel of Hope  

Strategic Plan to Reduce Crime Through a Public/Private Partnership
Proposal to Build Prison Chapels
** ~ 
Frank Graham & Chapel of Hope 

an exquisite vision of faith
to build free standing chapels in all Texas prisons


Click Here to Order How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011

A Few Documents Referenced in Book

FY2004 Chaplaincy Stats ~ Compare > FY 2002 ~ FY 2001 ~ FY 2000 ~ FY 1999 ~ FY 1998  These are extraordinary Performance Measures -- here for the first time.  See also the  TX State Auditor's Guide to Performance Measure Management - 2000 ed.

Chaplaincy Faith Percentages FY2010 - comprehensive look at the faith population in TDCJ for FY 2010 ...

COMISS Report 1992 -- Georgia - sent to all TDCJ chaplains 1993 - What happened in Georgia when they deleted their chaplaincy program   


Chaplains Banned from Death Chamber - for "Christ's" sake NO!, an op-ed on TDCJ's decision to ban chaplains while a man is killed, executed, and the rights to have his pastor and priest present as he dies. 4-11-19, 4A.


Chaplain Professional Equity Proposal - 2000 ~ Original proposal that gained support and attained the 1st pay group raise of Texas Chaplains in 40+ years during the 2001 Texas Legislature - a bear to complete and still a powerful presentation on Chaplaincy, the Chaplaincy Market, and the value of Chaplaincy to TDCJ and Texas. 

Chaplain Professional Equity Fact Sheet 2000 - first two-page fact sheet used that showed statistics and specific contributions to mission-critical functions of the agency.

Chaplain Professional Equity Letter 2001 - four-page color letter used in Austin 2001 as we fought for Chaplaincy Professional Equity, made a couple hundred color copies and passed out in Austin.


California Chaplain Study - 1991 ~ Chaplain Leadership Complexity 

California Chaplain Study - 2001 ~ Chaplain Leadership Complexity 

Marsh v. Chambers 1983 ~ Supreme Court decision supporting state paid chaplains to open Nebraska's legislature with prayer

Maryland Chaplaincy Expansion Proposal 1992 ~ Sociologically Poignant 

Wisconsin 1998 Faith-Based Approaches** ~ Chaplaincy First  

Brown, Leo E., “Prison Chaplaincy,” Inside Corrections (March/April, 2012), 9-33, see, the role of prison chaplaincy in Oklahoma, the whole issue devoted to highlighting chaplaincy--superb article!


Chaplaincy and Volunteers

COST-Effectiveness ~ Fiscal Impact Statement ~ Chaplains Recover ENTIRE Operating Costs 3x over, irrefutably, even more with thought --Best Kept Secret in Texas 

Chaplaincy Market ~ Texas Chaplains are deserving of Professional Equity

Hospitals in Texas, Phone & Addresses, a Resource 

National Chaplaincy Standards TRUE Benchmarks for Success

TDCJ Chaplaincy & ACA Standards THE Pursuit of Excellence involves the American Correctional Association:  Chaplaincy was there from the beginning     

Faith-based Dorm 5 Years - Alfred Unit - Disciplinaries decrease 


A Chaplain's Task ~ Poem by Barry Goode, Prison Chaplain in South Australia

Cost-Effectiveness -- Chaplains Recover ENTIRE Operating Costs
 3x over, Irrefutably, even more with thought -- 
Best Kept Secret in Texas  

Chaplaincy Market ~ Without doubt - Texas Chaplains are Long Overdue

History & Value of Correctional Chaplaincy  ~  Emmett Solomon (R.I.P. - 1936-2014)

Carol Vance on Chaplaincy ~ former TDCJ Board Chairman 

Desert Storm & Prison Chaplaincy ~ Senior Chaplain M. Mantooth 

Measuring the Complex Nature of Correctional Chaplaincy ~ Restorative Justice News article, Sept.-Dec., 2001, by M.G. Maness 

Chaplain's Job:  Complex & Pervasive ~ M.G. Maness 

Professional Correctional Chaplaincy:  Fact or Fiction, by Dr. Vance Drum, Senior Chaplain, Eastham Prison, TDCJ, a paper presented at the 2007 American Correctional Chaplaincy Association convention.

Professional Chaplaincy:  Role in Healthcare 2001 - no photos 
One of the most significant pieces of work on the contribution of professional chaplaincy by the largest collection of cross-disciplinary chaplaincy professionals as a joint statement by the ACPE, APC, CAPPE, NACC and NAJC, a thought provoking look at the complexity and depth of service by a professional chaplaincy.  " The first joint statement on this subject prepared by the five largest healthcare chaplaincy organizations in North America representing over 10,000 members.  As a consensus paper, it presents the perspectives of these bodies on the spiritual care they provide for the benefit of individuals, healthcare organizations and communities."  
FULL Version > Professional Chaplaincy Role 2001 - 2.5 Mgs 
See site of origin >

Impact of Inmate Participation In Chaplaincy Programs 
Florida DOC 2001 document a clear correlation between inmate chapel attendance and institutional adjustment, namely, lower disciplinary reports.  Chapel attendance was tracked for the months of July, August and September 2001 and compared with statewide disciplinary reports on prisoners.  The result is incontrovertible:  Chapel attendance by inmates positively effects the institution with as much as 2/3 less disciplinary reports for those who attend 10+ times a month.    

Prison Ministries - Partial List of TDCJ Chaplains' Network - 700+  

Bibliography:  Professional Chaplaincy ~ A Comprehensive WORKING bibliography, with other significant works directly related to Correctional Chaplaincy.

Serials & Periodicals Relevant to Chaplains ~  3,700+ Nearly comprehensive & up to date as of December 2001, culled from the three massive catalogs of Ulrich's Periodical Directory, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary & the Library of Congress -- indicative of the broad scope of the Chaplaincy & Religious Professions and the diversity of disciplines that do powerfully inform and impact the quality of a Chaplain's delivery of pastoral care, the scope of networking and level of organizational expertise. 

Aftercare List  ~  TDCJ Chaplaincy Network:  750+  


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original site set up in January 2011 with resources to fight for Chaplaincy 

site began in circa 1998 for all things on prison chaplaincy - one of largest in world  


Baylor Study - Volunteerism - Re-Entry

Baylor 2006 Landmark Study of Religion - unique and comprehensive look a religion


The InnerChange Freedom Initiative: A Preliminary Evaluation of a Faith-Based Prison Program by then Director of Center for Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society, Manhattan Institute, Byron R. Johnson (CRRUCS Report 2003), 19, “IFI graduates are significantly less likely to be incarcerated within two years of release than those IFI members not completing the program (8% vs. 36.3%).” Johnson is now Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences Co-Director of the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University.

Volunteer Environmental Scan in Texas 2001 ~ Look at how much takes place in Texas, millions of dollars saved, about 50% of ENTIRE state facilitated and nurtured by TDCJ Chaplains, only NOT mentioned!

Investing in Volunteerism in Texas 2002 ~ Ditto, with saving to TDCJ of $7,906,520.16 with about 90% of that by 100 chaplains, and more if by the Texas State Auditor's Office of valuation $10.39 to $23.20 is calculated at high rate for religious volunteers, where 513,744 hours equals $11,918,860 worth, which over 90% is chaplaincy religious volunteers, well OVER current total operating costs!  Yet there is no mention of TDCJ chaplaincy?

Report of the Re-Entry Policy Council (2004)  A huge 658-page cross-continental study, see more at 

Re-Entry in Texas (2004) A good study by the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C.

Pew Center on the States - One in 100 Behind Bars 2008 -- comprehensive look at prison in the USA

History of In-Prison Programming in the USA  by Dr. Michael G. Maness, 1997  for his dissertation at New Orleans Seminary

Restorative Justice—America's New Frontier (print ready) and RJ Original Publication - Michael G. Maness, published in Texas Journal of Corrections Vol. 29:4, Nov. 2003

100,000 Mothers' 1% Paroloe Texas Constitutional Amendment - addressing two injustices, saving millions, and humanizing prison with a reality in rehabilitation, with nearly zero liability - could revolutionize prison in several ways - 2007 first offered


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TDCJ Chaplaincy Volunteer Statistics
^ click to see larger ^

FY2004 Chaplaincy Stats ~ Compare > FY 2002 ~ FY 2001 ~ FY 2000 ~ FY 1999 ~ FY 1998 These are extraordinary Performance Measures -- here for the first time.  See also the
TX State Auditor's Guide to Performance Measure Management - 2000 ed. 


Brown, Leo E., “Prison Chaplaincy,” Inside Corrections (March/April, 2012), 9-33, see, the role of prison chaplaincy in Oklahoma, the whole issue devoted to highlighting chaplaincy--superb article!

Oklahoma Prison Chaplaincy

email me if link to original is changes:


Excellent contribution to the vast corpus of literature on affects of religion on crime ... and thereby in every sentence supporting the value of staff prison chaplaincy
.  .  .  .  .  .  .

open source


Religion and Crime:
Theory, Research, and Practice
by Kent R. Kerley, editor for Religions
Basel, et al: MDPI, 2018)

Kerley is Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and Chair of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at The University of Texas at Arlington.  From the preface: "The scientific study of religion is a rather recent development in colleges and universities in the United States and in other nations. Beginning in the 1960s, researchers from many social science backgrounds began conducting data-driven studies of the extent to which religiosity is related to crime, deviance, and delinquency. Since the 1980s, social scientists have also studied the nature, extent, practice, and impact of faith and faith-based programs in prisons and other correctional contexts. This volume contains the most contemporary and cutting-edge research on religion and crime, which includes data-driven (quantitative and qualitative), conceptual, review, and policyoriented papers."


Chaplaincy-Volunteer Statistics Record Retention - no change 2000-2015, 15 years

Gib Lewis Unit Secretary's Handbook ~ View of part of tasking elements of office 

Gib Lewis Unit Secretary's Handbook - File System  ~ the primary records schedule


David Grosse, Exploring Chaplaincy Ministry, Church of the Nazarene (2006; 182 pp.).  

Donald Meichenbaum “Trauma, Spirituality, and Recovery: Toward a Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy,” (2009; 39 pp.), He is the distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Waterloo and founding member of The Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment. He holds the dual distinction of having been voted “one of the ten most influential psychotherapists of the century” (reported in the American Psychologist) and being the most cited psychology researcher at a Canadian university;

Lydia Hearn, Renee Campbell-Pope, Joanne House, Donna Cross, Pastoral Care in Education (Western Australia: Edith Cowan University, 2006; 92 pp.).

Judy Fleischman, “Chaplaincy Best Practices for Care of ‘Spiritual Not Religious’ Persons,” APC Conference, (Anaheim, CA: June 22, 2014). Fleischman, PhD, is the founder of

Killing Professional Chaplaincy Series

After dozens of letters, 100s of Open Record requests, three huge books documenting with zero response from major players, what is TDCJ Exec. Dir. Bryan Collier really covering up? .

Volume 1.  2001  Chaplain Professional Equity and Market Study w Ethical Violations Timeline,, with four TDCJ chaplains, I personally delivered this 100-page treatise to TDCJ Exec. Dir. Gary Johnson that documented many unethical business practices.  It had much of the 2000 Chaplain Professional Equity proposal we used in the 2001 Texas Legislature to gain our first pay raise in 40-plus years, yet with a critical timeline of unethical tweaking of the Chaplaincy Director's job to suit favored applicants, pages 54-65.

Volume 2.  2012 - Faith-Based Housing Letter,, heartfelt 50-page letter to Brad Livingston asking him to meet with a Barry Lynn of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State. It exposes several ethical violations and is the first exposure of the unconstitutional nature of the Seminary Scam. Soon after this, I was persecuted for whistleblowing and forced to retire.

Volume 3.  2013 - TDCJ Book of Secrets on the Longest Cover Up in TDCJ History: Case of the Enchanting Chaplain, 700 pp., 139 MBs, first 100 pages documented how I was set up with falsified documents, then the rest details the vast policy violations at the Polunsky Unit and Michael Upshaw’s cleaning of contraband, clearing of violators, and more. Included were two CDs and a DVD with videos and dozen recorded interviews!  Hard copies to Livingston, OIG, and Texas AG.
See Bryan Collier's three-sentence reply here:

Volume 4.  2015  How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011—Immeasurable Value of Religion, Volunteers, and Their Chaplains, Forewords by Jerry A. Madden, senior fellow for Right on Crime and 2011 chairman of the Texas House Corrections Committee, and Carol S. Vance, former chairman of Texas Board of Criminal Justice and Harris County District Attorney (1966-79) (AuthorHouse, 2015; 394 pp.), We networked across Texas to stop the deletion of TDCJ Chaplaincy which was dead on arrival in the 2011 legislature. In a fight, we saved the entire budget. The appendices show Chaplaincy recovers its operating costs several times over and is the most productive program in RPD: “Chaplains facilitate the greatest source for change and solace in human history—Religion.”

Volume 5.  2017 - TDCJ Book of Secrets Part 2, Goodman Unit Hiring Scam,, 180-pg, most detailed audit of a hiring package in TDCJ history showing multiple violations. A white warden hired a white career laundry man over black U.S. Army combat veteran career chaplain!

Volume 6.  2019 - TDCJ Deep State Report:  Case of the Collared Fox,, 177-page
   - Cover Letters of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd sends to Bryan Collier & 50+ TX Leaders, Jurists, and District Attorneys,

Volume 7.  Revised 2023 - When Texas Prison Scams Religion--TBCJ's 25-year Legacy of Cover Ups, 824 pages, documented from 100's of open record requests and 1,000-plus sources.

~ 105 Letters to Major Stakeholders in Prison Efficacy ~

"16 Killings" Letter to 100+ Stakeholders - 16 Killings in TDCJ 9-20-2023  ~
and another killing right after systemwide lockdown ~ unbelievable

~   ~  ~  ~  ~



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TDCJ Chaplaincy and Volunteer Reports

2011 January Chaplaincy Monthly Reports, a massive Excel database for January, what was available and not shared, except by us in earlier versions of these statistics.


FY2010 Volunteer Stats by Month

FY2011 Volunteer Stats by Month

FY2012 Volunteer Stats by Month - also what was available in January 2011 but not shared, that is, of who the chaplaincy facilitate


2010 Chaplaincy Dept. Monthly Reports  

2011 Chaplaincy Dept. Monthly Reports

2012 Chaplaincy Dept. Monthly Reports

2013 Chaplaincy Dept. Monthly Reports

2014 Chaplaincy Dept. Monthly Reports


Three Marvin Dunbar Year-end Reports, all completed as of 8-31 of year's end, so FY2009 ended on 8-31-2010

FY2009 Year-End Chaplaincy Report

FY2010 Year-End Chaplaincy Report 

FY2011 Year-End Chaplaincy Report

FY2009-10-11 Year-End Cumulative


Chaplaincy Cumulative 2010-2011-2012

Chaplaincy Statistics CLIPPED for FY2010-11


FY2004 Chaplaincy Stats ~ FY 2002 ~ 
FY 2001 ~ FY 2000 ~ FY 1999 ~ FY 1998


TX State Auditor's Guide to Performance Measure Management - 2000 ed 

FY2014 Volunteer Report

2012-14 Programs Division Quarterly to TBCJ

2011-12 FB Reports to Byran Collier


2013-01 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-02 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-03 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-04 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-05 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-06 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-07 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-08 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-09 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-10 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-11 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2013-12 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2014-01 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2014-02 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2014-03 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2014-04 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2014-05 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2014-06 Faith-Based Dorm Report

2014-07 Faith-Based Dorm Report


Chaplaincy Records Retention 2000-2015



New - Order





Other Useful Sources


Aftercare List

Volunteer Handbook - 1994 ~ Written with TDCJ Prison Volunteer in mind, first one published in TDCJ in 1994, used at the Lewis Unit, Stiles Unit, and Polunsky Unit, and others throughout the state until TDCJ developed its own

Gib Lewis Secretary's Handbook ~ View of part of tasking elements of office 

Gib Lewis Secretary's Handbook - File System  ~ the primary records schedule


Christian Library International free Christian books, Bibles to 1,366 U.S. prisons and jails -
see CLI Order Form Here to order books and Bibles 


Hospitality Program Rules ~ General Rules for hosts 

Marriage Seminar - Inmate Orientation ~ Orientation outline "prior" to seminar

Marriage Seminar - Check List ~ List of items prior to & throughout for a quality full prison marriage seminar

Erik Erikson's Eight Stages of Life - more work needs to be done on the hand-in-glove work of senior volunteers in prison.  As a 20-year chaplain, I could write a book on this, and perhaps ought to. The long story is how much the volunteers do already, in faith, certainly and foremost, but there is so much more and a whole line of psychology still untapped. Not first but surely refined and articulated best in Erik Erikson’s eight stages of life, how senior volunteers have successfully negotiated the first seven stages of life and desire to give back, and in prison where most of the still developing young men have failed in the first few stages and are still in search for of a decent civilized identity, etc.—and, no, work on that yet in Texas either. Furthermore, some Christian theorists have added to Erikson analogous faith stages, though Erikson is still the place to start. See Erikson’s Identity and the Life Cycle (NY: International Universities Press, 1959), Insight and Responsibility (NY: Norton, 1964), and Identity: Youth and Crisis (NY: Norton, 1968).

          See more here:   

          and here:



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Back Cover of
How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011

How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011 - back
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How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011

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original site set up in January 2011 with resources to fight for Chaplaincy 

site began in circa 1998 for all things on prison chaplaincy - one of largest in world  


 Maness Business Card - 409.383.4671  


God Bless America and Texas and You


Prison Staff Chaplains . . . Serve and Struggle . . .
defending and praising volunteers as co-laborers in
the most cost-effective, efficient, cost-saving profession
in that noble and most exquisite mission of
Care for the Soul facilitating the greatest source for
change in human history--religion


fellow chaplains, please, take advice from Pvt. Treptow


Pvt. Martin A. Treptow
Pvt. Martin A. Treptow

Pledge Published
^ click to see larger ^
published to help the
"expeditionary forces"

Treptow Marker
^ click to see larger ^
Pvt. Martin A. Treptow Grave  

Pvt. Treptow Pledge
Fight . . . as if the Whole Issue . . . Depended on Me Alone

Private Martin A. Treptow

Martin August Treptow was a barber from Cherokee, Iowa.  Enlisting in the National Guard, during World War I his unit was called up and Treptow found himself in the 168th Infantry, part of the 42nd Division, called the Rainbow Division by Major Douglas MacArthur, who would rise during the War to eventually command the division, because it consisted of National Guard units that stretched across the country like a rainbow.

July 30th, 1918 was a hard day for the division.  Participating in the Second Battle of the Marne which stopped the last major German offensive of the War and saved Paris from capture, the division was attempting to take Hill 212 on La Croix Rouge Farm and incurring heavy casualties.  A message from Treptow’s unit needed to be taken to another platoon.  Private Treptow did not hesitate, but grabbed the message and ran off with it.  As he neared the platoon leader to deliver the message, Treptow was cut down by a burst of German fire.  He was twenty-five years old.

Later, in policing up Treptow’s personnel effects, a leather diary was found in the blood-stained blouse of this doughboy.  Written in Treptow’s own hands were the words entitled, My Pledge, words stained with blood that serve as a memorial to the price he paid:  

Treptow's  Pledge
The end of a long Journey . . .
America must win the war.  Therefore, I will work.
I will save.  I will sacrifice.  I will endure.
I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost,
as if the whole issue of the struggle
depended on me alone. 

. . . we who remain should do no less . . .

For more, see these sites: - video tribute of Reagan's speech - video Reagan's speech 



Prison Chaplaincy Experience

see this remarkable 1873 book ... a masterpiece ...

Hosea Quinby (1804-78), The Prison Chaplaincy, and Its Experiences (D.L. Guernsey, Concord, N.H.; Morning Star Steam Job Printing House: Dover, N.H., 1873; 208p.).  See for several free copies of this book in several formats. This masterpiece was reprinted into digital form by volunteers and is available in Kindle Edition on Amazon for FREE). Quinby artfully tells of his story and insights as a New Hampshire state prison chaplain, his early reluctance, then surprise at the depth of the ministry. Outstanding. He was given a raise in part because he was also the school teacher, and the book reveals his advocacy over 100 years ago. How “dehumanizing,” he declares to let the women eat at tables but force the men to take their allotment to their cells, a few bathing troughs in their washrooms to clean, marched in naked one after another. Quinby is a heated in his sarcasm, and it’s a bit amazing he was allowed to remain employed with this degree of criticism. Want to know the variety of hats and enormous hosts of duties of a conscientious chaplain? 


Largest Archive on Prison Chaplaincy Profession
in Texas to Date 2015 . . . and perhaps in U.S. too 

please, got more? ~ send suggestions, advice, resources to me



Letter to TDCJ Chaplains 1-13-2016 - Dear Chaplains  -  Hold the line ...

my card - < email me - click here > ... shalom

Maness Business Card 
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God Bless America and Texas and You

original site set up in January 2011 with resources to fight for Chaplaincy 

site began in circa 1998 for all things on prison chaplaincy - one of largest in world