Gib  Lewis  Chaplaincy  Department

H O S P I T A L I T Y    P R O G R A M


You are a heartwarming person.   Most visiting families are in crisis, have children, and come long distances.   Visiting a son or husband for the first time often brings tears.   Children get restless, and officers are taxed with visitation logistics.   The Hospitality Program provides the family with a comfort zone that touches many people:   crisis counseling to new comers and all,  ministry to children,  and freeing the officers of restless children.


Do ---

    --Be yourself, the good natured person who cares about people and their problems

          --Listen;   be kind, patient, and careful

    --Know the visitation sergeant and introduce yourself when you arrive

    --Work with the coordinator, for she works closely with the chaplain and wardens in scheduling, guideline development, and security concerns

    --Refer pastoral needs or difficult problems to the chaplain

    --Keep the supplies in order for the next shift of volunteers


    --Remember that this is a state prison and more restrictive than families prefer

    --Report any security concerns or suspicions to the sergeant or chaplain in private

    --Expect people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and economic standings

    --Let someone know when you go to the ODR to eat;   put puzzles and other loose items away from children in your absence

    --Read the Gib Lewis Volunteer Handbook on occasion to refresh yourself

*  *  *  *  *

Do ---

   --Not  discipline a child:   ask the parent or ask an officer for help with the family

   --Not  help a child to the restroom or change diapers:   always ask the parent

   --Not  give or accept money, addresses, or anything to or from visitors and inmates;   or offer rides to anyone--refer them to the chaplain

   --Not  betray confidences of a non-security nature or tell negative things about families



______ Coordinator     M.G. Maness, Chaplain

______ Phone           409-283-8181, Ext. 245

                       P.O. Box 9000

                       Woodville,  TX  75990