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Treasures of Our Everlasting Rest
Michael G. Maness

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Expanded version with chapters 8-10 of
Heart of the Living God

Bibliographies on Heaven & Revelation

With Outline of Jonathan Edwards'
sermon, Heaven: a World of Love

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Contents of Heaven

Introduction to the Heaven of Revelation 21-22

A. Revelation 21:1-14

B. Heaven-the Place & Blessed Experience

C. The Glory of Heaven by John MacArthur

D. Ezekiel’s Throne of Heaven

E. Heaven’s Supreme Delight-Unbroken Fellowship with God

F. Best Is Yet to Come—Heaven-Personal to the Uttermost

G. Heaven—Last Chapter in Our Genuine Relationship with God

1. Heaven Is Perfected Everlasting Love—No Eye Has Seen

A. Visual Boundary: What Eye Hath Not Seen

B. Revelation 21-22 & the Holy City—Personal & Dynamic

C. Holy City = the Picture of Perfected Everlasting Love

D. Picture Worth a Thousand Words—Words Can Say More

2. Similarities Between Two Passages: Rev. 21:1-8 & 21:9-22:61

A. Descending Holy City Is the Same City in Both Passages

B. Five Similarities Between the Two Passages

1. Holy City = Redeemed

2. Angelic—Trustworthy and True Words

3. Words = River from Throne

4. Evil = Curse Vanquished

5. Spring = River of Life

3. The Heavenly Wedding Feast--Rich & Fresh

A. God’s Marriage Fresh to Him too

B. Open Wedding Feast—RSVP Now, Before It’s too Late!

C. Fresh Wedding Feast—No More Clear Picture of Intimacy

4. Simple, Elemental Experiences of Heaven

A. Difference Between Earth & Heaven-Dream, Dream, Dream

B. New Freedom: No More Tears, Death or Curse

C. New Economy: Spring and River and Tree of Life

D. New Purity and Peace: No More Evil People

5. Cloudy Dark Side of Living Obscures the True Fullness

A. Between the Clouds of Earth and the Clear Skies of Heaven

B. What We Know Here ... a Cloudy Shadow of Heaven

C. Simple Experiences Versus the Greater Experiences of Heaven

6. Greater Experiences of Heaven

A. Earth and Heaven Connected—C. H. Spurgeon

B. Holy City as Bride & Wife of the Lamb

1. Bride Reveals an Everlasting Marriage—Not Potato or Dog

2. Shape of City Reveals an Everlasting Intimate Community

3. Gold Reveals the Everlasting Value of Every Thing

C. Great Wall Reveals an Everlasting Security

1. The Great Wall

2. Twelve Gates: Everlasting Heritage from God’s Promises

3. Twelve Foundations: Everlasting Heritage in Christ’s Work

D. Recap of Heaven

7. Greatest Experience—Sharing in God’s Life & Glory

A. The Dwelling of God is with Men

B. Light and Eternal Loving Life

Epilogue: How to Get to Heaven

Appendix 1 ... Revelation 21-22 (NIV)

Appendix 2 ... Jonathan Edwards’ Heaven: World of Love

The is the last lecture/sermon of 16 by Edwards on 1 Corinthians 13 in 1738.

The online version here is the original, which contains the old English of the 18th century.
The book version is an edited and paraphrased version, easier to read and highlighting the best points of Edwards' sermon. Love is truly dynamic and the best is yet to come.


1. Heaven Bibliography

2. Revelation of Christ Bibliography

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This book, Heaven, is an expanded version of chapter 8-10 of

Heart of the Living God: Love, Free Will, Foreknowledge, Heaven--
a Theology on the Treasure of Love


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