A fellow Chaplain sent this in: 


Dear Sir, I am the Author/ Poet that penned the words: "A Chaplains Task."  I wrote it is as an encouragement and inspiration to all Chaplains.

If you wish to distribute this poem amongst your Chaplaincy, please do so.

I am a Prison Chaplain from South Australia.


Sincerely, Barry Goode  <<< Click to E-Mail


A Chaplain's Task


A Chaplains task is valuable,

Because a soul's at stake,

For we are sent to bolster up

A faltering life, or faith.


A friendly smile, a helping hand,

A word or two in season

Encouraging the burdened heart,

Regardless of the reason.


Sometimes we feel we're wasting time,

When there is little change

But then our faith is lifted high

When lives are rearranged.


And when we see a person helped;

Because of what we've said,

We know we've been a guiding light

And living Gospel bread.


So thank you Lord for ministry

Amongst the lost and broken

Although the help we offer them,

Is surely just a token.


For you gave all you had to give

To save the lost and grapplin'

Now please impart your nature, Lord,

And help us mortal Chaplains


Copyright (c) Barry Goode 2002