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I was also District TX-08 Leader
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How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011

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How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011  
Immeasurable Value of Religion,
Volunteers and Their Chaplains

Forewords by

Frank E. Graham, Founder, Chapel of Hope

Jerry A. Madden, Chair, Texas House
     Committee on Corrections 2011

Carol S. Vance, Former Chair, TBCJ;
    Harris County District Attorney, 1966-79

Dr. Keith Bellamy, Minister,
      Woodville Church of Christ

Would You Lie to Save a Life
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Would You Lie To Save a Life?  
A Theology on the Ethics of Love
Love Will Find a Way Home

Commander Bucher of the USS Pueblo lied to save the lives of his men. What is the absolutely "right" choice?  Love works in hell on earth - and much more. 

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Ocean Devotions

From the Hold of Charles H. Spurgeon
Master of Mariner Metaphors

366 unique devotions from the OCEAN and SAILING compiled and edited from sermons of Spurgeon, the undisputed Commodore of sailing illustrations.

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Character Counts
Freemasonry Is a National Treasure
and a Source of Our Founders'
Constitutional Original Intent

Forewords by
M. Douglas Adkins & Nelson King

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Treasures of Our Everlasting Rest

What will heaven feel like?  From the best and most ancient, we discover a small portion of what the very experience of heaven shall be.

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Precious Heart-Broken Heart

Love & the Search for Finality in Divorce

A gentle journey through the stages of grief unique to divorce and toward a place of finality.

   Love will find a way.

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Heart of the Living God

Love, Free Will, Foreknowledge, Heaven--
A Theology on the Treasure of Love

The 1,500+ years old free-will debate continues.  Where is your genuine relation with God if, 1,000 years ago, God's knowledge of what you would do tomorrow was settled?  Love is greater than that.

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Queen of Prison Ministry

The Story of Gertha Rogers - First
Woman to Minister on Texas Death Row

Foreword by Wayne Scott
TDCJ Executive Director 1995-2001

She has given her life to prison inmates and staff for 30+ years in the Texas prison system. 

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Fringes of Freedom
Liberty Weekend 1986
Would All Had a Place to Return After Dark

Three months after Reagan bombed Libya, a terrorist is sent on a mission to Lower Manhattan during the US's largest Fourth of July celebration. 

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Empathic Helping Skills Program

1997 Dissertation:  "A Helping Skills Program at the Gib Lewis State Prison, Woodville, Texas" - including a history of in-prison programming in America, developed by Maness proved basic listening skills and empathy could be taught to prisoners.

History of In-Prison Programming
in USA, especially in Texas

Michael G. Maness, 1997

Havard Classics

51 vols.
- free

Harvard Classics

other articles of special interest

   Restorative Justice—America's New Frontier pdf
Michael G. Maness - Original Version
Texas Journal of Corrections, 29:4, Nov. 2003

   Wine & Jesus’ 1st Miracle at Cana Article 

   War & Peace Article

My Poems
Some of my most precious persons & moments

Resources, Bibliography Sets, and Super Lists

Parole Option - 100,000 Mothers' Option  ~ 

 Chaplaincy Docs ~ Chaplaincy Saved 2011 ~ Etymology of "Chaplain"

Religious Freedom Documents  ~  Chaplaincy Links Page  

History of Prison Programming in America  ~  Masonic Blue Slipper

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Ethics Bibliography Set  ~ 

God's Will, Ethics, Theology, Prayer & Hermeneutics 
     —Bucher & the USS Pueblo Bibliography 
     —Other Sources used for this Book

Great Masters of Theology, Ethics, Foreknowledge

Free-Will, Foreknowledge, Predestination Theology

Determinism & Determinism Philosophy

Philosophy of Time & Quantum Theory

Logic and Reason

Greek Stuff Bearing on Ethics & Free-Will

Challenging Social & Theological Mediocrity

Crime, Criminology, Mens Rea, Prison


Foreign Works on Free-Will/Foreknowledge

Character Set

Character Counts book

Character – Super List - Web Sites

Character & Idealism Bibliography

Character Quotes by Famous Persons


Empathy, Communication & Love

Love Bibliography

Responsibility, Intention, Decision Theory

Aquinas (1225-74) - Summa - Heavenly Virtues  

Would You Lie to Save a Life?   Ethics Book Home Page

Heart of Living God   Foreknowledge Book Home Page

An Empathic Helping Skills Program ~ 
1997 Dissertation

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Emergency Numbers - Tyler County Social Services List

   National Suicide Prevention Hotline:  1-800-273-TALK - 1-800-273-8255 - Deaf TTY: 1-800-799-4889

   National Child Abuse Hotline:  1-800-4-A-CHILD - 1-800-422-4453

   Domestic Violence Hotline  1-800-799-SAFE - 1-800-799-7233 - Deaf TTY:  1-800-787-7233 -
            Domestic Abuse Website & Resources

   National Runaway Switchboard  1-800-RUN-AWAY - 1-800-726-2929 - Deaf TTY: 1-800-621-0394

   National Center Missing-Exploited Children  1-800-THE-LOST - 1-800-843-5678 - Deaf TTY: 1-800-826-7653

Disaster Tip Sheets for U.S. Religious LeadersiNET - National Disaster Interfaiths Network

The National Disaster Interfaiths Network launched its Be a Ready Congregation campaign in 2011. Key to this campaign are the NDIN "Disaster Tip Sheets for U.S. Religious Leaders." Each Tip Sheet offers all-hazards best practices and resource links about disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery – specifically of relevance to religious leaders, faith communities and faith-based organizations. www.N-DIN.org  

© 2012 All Rights Reserved If NDIN materials are duplicated or quoted in other resources, please acknowledge the source: National Disaster Interfaiths Network | 4 West 43rd Street - Suite 407 | New York City | NY | 10036

 01 - Disaster Basics for Faith Communities

 02 - The Disaster Lifecycle: Where Do Religious Leaders Fit In?

 03 - National Faith-Based Disaster Service Organizations

 04 - The Role of Faith Communities in Disasters

 05 - How to Use Your House of Worship in a Disaster

 06 - Disaster Backlash: Bias Crimes & Mitigation

 07 - Active Shooter in a House of Worship

 08 - Continuity of Operations Planning

 09 - Self-Care for Religious Leaders

 10 - Disaster Spiritual Care

 11 - Faith Communities & Disaster Mental Health

 12 - Faith Communities & the Disaster Distress Helpline

 13 - Faith Communities & Trauma Resilience

14 - Faith Communities & Risk Communication

15 - Faith Communities & Evacuation Planning

16 - Faith Communities & Disaster Sheltering

17 - Faith Communities & Long Term Recovery

18 - Faith Communities & Debris or Mud Removal

19 - Faith Communities & Cold Weather Hazards

20 - Faith Communities & Hot Weather Hazards

21 - Faith Communities & Disaster Volunteerism

22 - Faith Communities & Donations Management

23 - Immigrant Eligibility & Disaster Assistance

24 - Children & Disasters

25 - Vulnerable Populations & Disasters




Indiana Wesleyan University is  a Christian college committed to changing 
the world by developing students in leadership and in character.

Grace Centered

Global Air

Bible Verses for Everyone

Substance Abuse Treatment

Mesothelioma Lawyers 

  Mesothelioma for Veterans

Joe Beam's Marriage Help


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