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 Director Kevaughn C. A. Mattis and Managing Editor Michael G. Maness

Testamentum Imperium is an international theological journal devoted to the concept that the eternal security of the Christian believer is a Great Testament of the church.  Conceived by Kevaughn Mattis of Trinidad from the beginning to include scholars from all over the world, the plan succeeded fantastically, becoming the largest collection of contemporary theologians and Bible students in the world writing on the eternal security of the Christian believer from a wide variety of traditions.  Nearly every aspect of eternal security is looked it, from the purely theological to its implications for and in pastoral care. Most of the authors have earned doctorates, many are fully tenured professors, long-time pastors, some Ph.D. students.  The authors come from many of the major universities and seminaries and from all the continents of the world. 


Volume 1 - 2007 - Closed - 80 Articles - 13 Published in Perspectives on Eternal Security:  Biblical, Historical, and Philosophical, foreword by H. Wayne House, edited by Kirk R. MacGregor and Kevaughn Mattis (Wipf and Stock, 2009).

Volume 2 - 2009 - Closed - 122 articles

Volume 3 - 2011 - Closed - 161 articles - Publication Pending -  15 published in Practicality of Grace in Protestant Theology, foreword by Peter Lillback, president of the Westminister Theological Seminary, edited by Michael G. Maness and Kevaughn Mattis (Wipf and Stock, 2020).

Volume 4 - 2013 - Open - Response to I. Howard Marshall’s Kept by the Power of God 

Volume 5 - 2016 - Closed - on Making Pastoral Theology Relevant in a Modern Worl

Volume 6 - 2018 - 11 articles

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