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The Plan & Scope    

This Working archive is intending to accumulate all of the references on Crisis in the English language.  
     By personal crisis is meant those works pertaining to loss, hurt, trauma & intervention--all the major Causes of personal and  interpersonal grief.

     We want to include every serial group (not individual serial titles).  Of course, we exclude most all of those pertaining to actual criminal cases, law archives, psychological & developmental theory in general, war archives & sermon archives.  Do you have a suggestion for helping to further clarify the criteria of these archives and memorial, then e-mail me at
In the Divorce Archive, we are seeking a working bibliography of all the works published in world, divided by the country of origin.  Like the Crisis Archive, we want to include every serial group (not the individual serial titles).

Similarly, though we have included a number of legal works (and will process those), we will exclude individual legal briefs, codes, cases, etc., as well as exclude a number of divorce tax works (except the most popular).


Links  ~  Archives  ~   The Plan & Scope  ~   The Layout  

The Layout

     Note the following codes:  (d. ????) = known death of author, when publication date is well after death of author.  
[n.p.] = no publisher known.  
[n.d.] = no date known. 
        ed/s. = editor/s (the few compilers were not 
                    distinguished from editors).

     In the Jewish Works sections, some works are clearly about history but were not duplicated in the history section.  There are a few works that have their references duplicated in two sections, because such works serve more than one significant task:  like the “divorce survival guides” for men or women, where they each offer coping strategies (helping section) and legal remedies (legal section).  

     Obviously, some of the titles in the foreign language section were not duplicated, but could have if all of the languages were known, like Korean legal works versus Korean divorce help works.  No distinction was attempted to divide distinctions among the Muslim or Jewish works, but for different reasons.  Amid the language difficulties, the Muslim works on legality and help are harder to distinguish since all Muslims are under Islamic, including the government.

     The first publisher is usually mentioned first, then the successive editions when known.  When the successive editions are also by the same publisher, the name of the publisher is not mentioned:   
e.g., (3rd ed., 1966, 288p.;  4th ed., 1977, 302p.).  
When the page numbers in the successive editions are the same, the number is listed last, meaning that the previously cited editions were usually of the same number of pages.  Major differences in publishing information is usually noted.

     When a reference to an author’s doctoral thesis, etc., almost always, the reference to a thesis means that the published work was based on the thesis.  There was no attempt to search all of the dissertation abstracts, for it was felt that most of the significant doctoral works would make the transition into public publication.

     Nevertheless, we do recognize that, undoubtedly, there are several dissertations that had a unique and critical contribution that remain without due recognition in some dusty archive.  Click Here and send those you think need to be here.

     When a person’s name is part of the actual title of a work, that person’s life (when known) span is inserted in the title in brackets

                       e.g., “[1550-1610]  

which refers to the life time of the subject of the title of the book and was not a part of the original title.  Items in  parentheses within a title are, of course, a part of the original title.  

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Links  ~  Archives  ~   The Plan & Scope  ~   The Layout