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CLC Reports           New Bethel Baptist Association
Christian Life Chair Reports
          A Christian and Baptist Worldview on Current News, Issues, Controversies ...
by Michael G. Maness - The New Bethel Association one of three within Sabine-Neches Baptist Area www.SNBArea.org.  At a designated church, the pastors and church leaders report and plan. The Christian Life Chair Reports are on news, ethical issues, and cultural trends affecting the Christian life.
Unfortunately, some are missing, for I did not plan on keeping them early, and frequently I had used previous ones as templates for the next, and therefor "saved" over, erasing the previous one.  It would be nice to have all, so if anyone kept them and would share them with me, great!  Regardless, it has been an honor and privelege and a load of fun.  Also, many before 2006 were often crafted at the prison with illustrations glued into an empty square - you know, old-fashioned paste-up work - and run off a printer that way.  God bless.  CLC All Reports PDF  



Baptist Texast Christian Life Commission, www.ChristianLifeCommission.org and www.BGCT.org - 888-332-5870
SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission,
www.ERLC.com - Baptist Joint Committee, Washington, DC - www.BJCPA.org
Texas Legislature
www.capitol.state.tx.us - Who represents you: www.capitol.state.tx.us/fyi/fyi.htm ~ www.Senate.gov ~

NEW > CLC-2017-05-15.pdf - Sword of Damocles.

CLC-2017-01-16.pdf - "2016 a Time to Remember" including Racism, Craziest Election in U.S. History, Marijuana Legal in 28 states, Superbugs, DNA Hacking, and Gangnam Style Idiocy – looking toward 2017 and 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of 95 theses to All Saints Church door in Wittenberg, Germany, marking the Protestant Reformation

CLC-2016-04-18.pdf - "Marry His Computer?" man sues to marry computer to exemplify quagmire - "Man-to-Woman-to-Snake Wants to be Called 'IT'" - "Supreme Court host to 'One Person, One Vote" one of the most consequential on assigning districts. 

CLC-2016-02-15.pdf - Blame the Caveman, looking at genomes for 40,000 years of sadness;  Virginia school district cancels cancels school over Islamic lesson anger;  Valentine's Day gesture for elderly couple by law officer Donnie Gulley.   

CLC-2016-01-18.pdf - Review of article featuring Schaeffer's classic book, How Shall We Then Live, "Uprooting EVILWhy the Pro-Life Movement Must Grow Deeper Roots to See Lasting Fruits" (in Southern Baptist Texan, 1-2016);  Glass High-heel Shoe Church in Taiwan;  and "I Don't Like Our Sailors Kneeling to Iran."  

CLC-2015-03-16.pdf - Pi Day, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made 3-14-15...; Gay Marriage Ruling;  What ISIS Really Wants (art. clip from The Atlantic).  

CLC-2015-01-19.pdf (presented 2-16-15) - Supreme Court to rule on homosexuality in June, 2015, and seismic changes if passed; books on new genre of "heavenly tourism." 

CLC-2014-11-17.pdf - $100,000 Clone Your Dog; Senate Votes 53-46 Stop Joining UN Arms Treaty;  ISIS Snuffs Ancient Christianity;  UN Warns Phase Out Fossil Fuels by 2100 or Impact 'Irreversible.' 

CLC-2014-08-18.pdf - Christians Under Attack;  "America" the movie, Imagine the World Without Her;  Hobby Lobby Won;  IBM Computer Chip like Human Brain? - nah. 

CLC-2014-05-19.pdf - High Court Favors Prayer at Local City Council Meetings; Death Sentence for What? 

CLC-2014-03-17.pdf - AZ Gov. Strikes Down Bill for Business Discrimination, Texas Ban on Gay Marriage Struck Down, Future of Brain Implants, CIA Spying on Congress, Desadier's "Devolution Stems from Evolution: Are Evolutionists Making a Monkey Out of You?"

CLC-2014-02-17.pdf - Jack Lewellen 50 Years Preaching, 'Son of God' Movie, Noah Movie, Baby Laboratory, US Army Builds Fake City to Practice Military Law, Real-life Death on Net, Atheism in America on Rise!

CLC-2014-01-20.pdf - Two Murdered at Mt. Carmel, Live Debate on Creation vs. Evolution, 1st Grader Told NOT to use Jesus, Chinese to Allow Pick of Smart Embryos!

CLC-2013-11-18.pdf - Thanksgivukkah next 79,811 years, US Supreme Court debates local government prayers, "Knockout' game fears, Obamacare Regs 30x as Long as Law, Belgium considers euthanasia of children!

CLC-2013-09-16.pdf - Moses & Enoch Abducted by Aliens says History Channel, KISS Simmons defends Tebow, Putin to Iran, and How the World Will End

CLC-2013-08-19.pdf - First Baptist Church in America 375th, "I Have a Dreem" 50th, Twitter Revolution, 3rd Gender on Birth Certificates in Germany, Texas Executes 500th, Wallenda Asks Jesus for Help over Grand Canyon

CLC-2013-07-22.pdf - DOMA Unconstitutional, King David's Palace Found, and Automobile Black Boxes

CLC-2013-04-15.pdf - Terror on Patriots' Day in Boston - TIME Article "Gay Marriage Already Won" and Commentary by Maness - National Day of Prayer in Tyler County - Spurgeon on Seafarer Knowing Equatorial Belt through Not Visible. 

CLC-2013-02-18.pdf - Pope Retiring - Gap Between Faith and Science Bridged?  

CLC-2013-01-21.pdf - Sanctity of Life Sunday and January 3, 2012, in 113th Congress, H.R. 23 - The Bible - Evil Day at Sandy Hook

CLC-2012-11-26.pdf - Worst Quote of Week, Neil Shepherd "Give Honor to God ... Obama" - Teachers and Test Fraud - Lincoln the Movie

CLC-2012-07-16.pdf - Fredrick Douglas "A man who is right is a majority" source and context - Baptist Debate Notion of "Christian America"

CLC-2011-09-19.pdf - Media’s Undermining of Men Does No Favor to Women - China Arrests Church Members - Seminary for Prisoners -

CLC-2011-08-15.pdf - BkRev: Language of Science and Faith -

CLC-2011-07-18.pdf - Patriotism and Islam on Fourth - 2010 Year-End Numbers - Texas Prison Chaplaincy We Won

CLC-2011-05-16.pdf - Real Impact of Sharia Law in America - Kerry to Question Paskistan on Osama vs. Biblical View of War

CLC-2011-01-17.pdf - 50 Largest Charities and Salaries - "Don't Ask" Endanger Troops and Alcohol in Woodville - Medical Errors Kill 100,000 Annually - Newsweek's Power 50

CLC-2010-11-29.pdf - Free Speech or Espionage on Wikileaks - Men's Lib and End of Man - Dignity Based upon Creation Not Compatibility

CLC-2010-09-20.pdf - Most Famous Mormon, Glen Beck - Several Compare Fight over Homosexuality with Slavery - Mosque Near Ground Zero?

CLC-2010-04-19.pdf - Clash on Gays in Military - Google's Moon Shot and Universal Library - Tyranny of Taxing Sin - Green Tea and Black Coffee

CLC-2010-02-08.pdf - Alcohol and Your Church - God's Love No Limits -

CLC-2009-09-21.pdf - Is that a Bible in Your Pocket - Facebook's Shadow Culture - Getting to Know You - Y2K for a New Age - Research Reveals "No Substitute for Personal Invititation to Church"

CLC-2009-05-18.pdf - Tyler County Pastors Invited to Share DVD - Celebrating 400 Years of Baptist Heritage - Baptist Contributions to Religious Freedom and John Leland - John Calvin's 500 Birthday - GodTube.com - Pakistan Nuclear?

CLC-2009-04-20.pdf - Happy Birthday Baptists 1609-2009 - Frank Page Hopeful on Faith Council - International Bible Society Cannot Send Free Bible Any Longer - Darwin's 200th Birthday - The Ideal Husband - Saints Everlasting Rest

CLC-2008-10-20.pdf - Jesus on Facebook - Dads Create Clean MySpace - Gay Rights Group Attacks Baptist Schools - Church of England Apologizes to Darwin - Right-to-Die Pushes Envelope - Sailor Sporting in Port

CLC-2008-07-21.pdf - How Religious Are We? - America "F" in Religion - Newspapers Rethink Religion Sections - "Marriage" in California Not to Gays - The Ideal Husband - Should Divorce Require Two-Year Wait? - Divorce Proof Your Marriage

CLC-2007-10-15.pdf - McKissic and SWBTS Reach Agreement - Killing Disabled Babies? - Woman Claims Religious Right to Eat Monkey Meat - Knock Away the Dogshores

CLC-2007-07-16.pdf - Carryover from 5-21:  No Casino with One Week Left - Killing Disabled Babies - God of Abraham Same as Allah of Islam: No Sir - Ocean Lifted Up Her Voices

CLC-2007-05-21.pdf - No Casino with One Week Left - Killing Disabled Babies - God of Abraham Same as Allah of Islam: No Sir - Ocean Lifted Up Her Voices

CLC-2007-03-19.pdf - Theologians Debate the Trinity - News Break: They Found the Tomb of Jesus and His Wife - Golden Ship of Heaven Moored by Ship of Earth

CLC-2006-11-20.pdf - "Dry" Counties Drying Up - McKissic Wants SBC to Address Tongues in Faith and Message - Roberts Court May be Denied Second Term - Seniors and Economy, No Down Side - Billy Graham Statesman to the End

CLC-2006-10-16.pdf - "Dry" Counties Drying Up - McKissic Wants SBC to Address Tongues in Faith and Message - Roberts Court May be Denied Second Term - House Interjects Prayer into Defense Bill - Chaplain Prayer Provision Cut from Military Spending- Fight over Army Chaplains May be Renewed - Seniors No Downside

CLC-2006-09-18.pdf - "Pretexter" Word of Day - Tech: World of Warcraft - How to Spot a Liar - Book: Wilson's The Creation: an Appeal to Save Life on Earth

CLC-2006-08-21.pdf - News: Suzii Paynter new CLC Director - SBC Leader Says Bible Does Not Teach Totatl Abstinence from Alcohol - Intelligent Design vs. Evolution in Ohio - Defense of Marriage Act Supported in Washington State - New Fad: Mentos Into Diet Coke kaboom - Book Review: McCollister has just published a new book, God and the Oval Office: The Religious Faith of Our 43 Presidents

CLC-2006-07-17.pdf - "Anti-Christian Culture" Number One in Lifeway Survey - Stay of Soledade Removal Extended - Texas' patient care law at hub of Houston dispute Life-support Case 'raises questions of whether the law might be used to bury mistakes' - Da Vinci Code, Pt 2 of 2,The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, My Two Cents - Priory of Sion web site Promo - American Film Institute Most Controversial Religious Films - Resources on Da Vinci Code

CLC-2006-07-17 - Message-Peace & War.pdf - Message given on Baptist Faith and Message Article XVI on Peace and War, utilizing historical sources in two divisions:  B. Peace in the O.T. and N.T., 1. Peace in O.T. Hebrew. 2. Peace in the O.T. NIV, 3. Peace in N.T. Greek, 4. Peace in the N.T. NIV; C. War in the O.T. and N.T, 1. War & Battle in O.T. Hebrew, 2. War and Battle in O.T. NIV, 3. War & Battle in N.T. Greek, 4. War & Battle in the N.T. NIV; finally, D. Peace and War Conclusion & Literature. 

get PDF of ALL Reports with active links

CLC All Reports

CLC Reports


CLC All Reports PDF

Martin Luther 1517
500th Anniversary of Protestant Reformation
from his Oct. 31, 1517 nailing of 95 theses
to door of All Saints Church, Wittenberg, Germany


Glass Slipper Church
Glass High-heel Church in Taiwan 1-18-16

Pi Pi Day - 3-14-15


Christians Killed

What Happened Just Before Big Bang

God Creates Button
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400 Years Baptists

Baptists Celebrate 400 Years in 2009

Obamacare Regs 30x Greater Than Law

First time Since Thanksgiving Proclaimed
11-28-13 coincides with Hanukkah, hence

Will Not Happen again in 79,811 Years

John Calvin's 500th Birthday

www.Calvin500.com ~ www.Calvin.edu

Abortion Horns Locked

Four Views of God











U.S. Religious Affiliation

Evangelical Protestant


Mainline Protestant






Black Protestant


Other 4.9%  -  Jewish 2.5%

ah, we won that one


Evolution v. Creation


Man vs. Monkey

Rev. Raymond Desadier's article
"Devolution Stems from Evolution:
Will You Let Evolution Make a Monkey Out of You?
see CLC report 3-17-14



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100,000 Mothers' 1% Parole Constitutional Amendment

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