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See Character Counts—Freemasonry in Christianity &
in Our Founding Fathers’ Original Intent Slays the Anti-Mason Frankenstein

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Intro to Little Bibliography = Intro & TOP Shelf

1. TOP Shelf Freemasonry References & Couple of Others


2. List of Bibliography Compilations


3. Main Freemasonry Bibliography


3.a. Books on Freemasonry — 463 Authors of 931 Books


3.b. Ph.D. Dissertations on Freemasonry — 58 Authors


3.c. Pro Articles on Freemasonry — 137 Articles, w 50 Bk Rws


3.d. Foreign Books on Freemasonry — 226 Authors of 265 Books


3.e. News Articles 1985-2005 in Chrono Order — 226 Articles


4. Historical-General References — 374 Authors in 720 Books

5. Baptist References


6. Character Counts Bibliography — 251 Authors in 295 Books


7. Great Hoax—Léo Taxil’s Luciferian Doctrine

a. General Info, Web Sties, and One Excellent Refutation

b. Publications Still Duped by Taxil’s Hoax

c. Publications Exposing Taxil’s Hoax


8. Anti-Mason Bibliography — 100 Authors


5. Baptist References — 48 Authors in 87 Books

See these for primary SBC anti-Mason documents: — by a committee, official report to 1993 SBC. — by Bill Gordon, c.after June 1993. — by Bill Gordon, c.after June 1993.

See for original copies of the above and more.


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Baptist References — see for list of Baptist web sites.

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Truett Theological Seminary,

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See Character Counts—Freemasonry in Christianity &
in Our Founding Fathers’ Original Intent Slays the Anti-Mason Frankenstein