Testamentum Imperium
Volume 5 - 2016

Can You Hear My Pain Now?
Making Pastoral Theology Relevant in a Modern World

Director Kevaughn C. A. Mattis and Managing Editor Michael G. Maness

Foreword by Professor Gerald R. McDermott
Anglican Chair of Divinity, Director of the Institute of Anglican Studies;
Beeson Divinity School, Sanford University, Birmingham, Alabama
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion. 

Cover of "Can You Hear My Pain Now?"

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Volume 1 - 2007 - Closed - 80 Articles - 13 Published in Perspectives on Eternal Security:  Biblical, Historical, and Philosophical, Foreword by H. Wayne House, Edited by Kirk R. MacGregor and Kevaughn Mattis (Wipf and Stock, 2009).

Volume 2 - 2009 - Closed - 122 articles

Volume 3 - 2011 - Closed - 161 articles - Publication Pending -  15 published in Practicality of Grace in Protestant Theology, foreword by Peter Lillback, president of the Westminister Theological Seminary, edited by Michael G. Maness and Kevaughn Mattis (Wipf and Stock, 2020).

Volume 4 - 2013 - Response to I. Howard Marshall’s Kept by the Power of God 

Volume 5 - 2016 - Closed - 23 articles on Making Pastoral Theology Relevant in a Modern Worl

Volume 6 - 2018 - 11 articles

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Can You Hear My Pain Now?:
Making Pastoral Theology Relevant in a Modern World

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Foreword by Professor Gerald R. McDermott, Anglican Chair of Divinity, Director of the Institute of Anglican Studies; Beeson Divinity School, Sanford University, Birmingham, Alabama; Distinguished Senior Fellow, Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion.  Prof. McDermott teaches in the areas of history and doctrine, world religions, Anglican studies, and Jonathan Edwards. Before Beeson, he was the Jordan-Trexler Professor of Religion at Roanoke College. An Anglican priest, he is the teaching pastor at Christ the King Anglican Church, Hoover, Alabama. He is married to Jean, and they have three sons and twelve grandchildren. He has written 20 books, including Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews Worship the Same God?: Four Views (Zondervan, 2019; 240  pp.); Everyday Glory: The Revelation of God in All of Reality (Baker Academic, 2018; 224 pp.); Israel Matters: Why Christians Must Think Differently about the People and the Land (Brazos Press, 2017; 192 pp.); Famous Stutterers: Twelve Inspiring People Who Achieved Great Things while Struggling with an Impediment (Cascade, 2016; 121 pp.); editor and contributor, The New Christian Zionism: Fresh Perspectives on Israel and the Land (IVP Academic, 2016; 353 pp.); with Ron Story, The Other Jonathan Edwards: Selected Writings on Society, Love, and Justice (University of Massachusetts Press, 2015; 168 pp.); with Harold Netland, A Trinitarian Theology of Religions: An Evangelical Proposal (Oxford University Press, 2014; 428 pp.); with Michael McClymond, The Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford University Press, 2012; 784 pp.; which won Christianity Today’s 2013 award for Top Book in Theology/Ethics); The Oxford Handbook of Evangelical Theology (Oxford University Press, 2010; 554 pp.); Jonathan Edwards Confronts the Gods: Christian Theology, Enlightenment Religion, and Non-Christian Faiths (Oxford University Press, 2000; 258 pp.); Can Evangelicals Learn from Non-Christian Religions? Jesus, Revelation and the Religions (InterVarsity Press, 2000; 235 pp.); Seeing God: Jonathan Edwards and Spiritual Discernment (Regent College Publishing, 2000; 262 pp.), and with William A. Fintel, M.D., Cancer: A Medical and Theological Guide for Patients and Their Families (Baker Books, 2004; 351 pp.).  Plus he has made many contributions to books and written many articles, including articles in Bibliotheca Sacra, Journal of Markets and Morality, Christianity Today, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Theology Today, First Things, Journal of Religious Ethics, and The New England Quarterly.  See GMcDermo@samford.edu.

Introduction by Rev. Dr. Michael G. Maness, Managing Editor, Testamentum Imperium.  Maness earned his DMin from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; his MDiv, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth; and his BA from the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies, Dallas. He is the author of nine books. See www.PreciousHeart.net and below for article 16 for fuller bio.

Bibliography of book, slightly annotated

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Part I.  The Problem of Pastoral Theology 
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1.  Rev. Dr. Vasileios Thermos,
Can Pastoral Care Successfully Merge Secular Disciplines with Biblical Theology?
  Professor of Pastoral Theology and Psychology, University Ecclesiastical Academy in Athens; Editor, Psyches Dromoi: Ways of the Soul. Thermos was born in Lefkada, Greece, and earned a MD from the Medical School of Athens University and a PhD from the Theological School of the Athens University. He is a practicing psychiatrist for Children and Adolescents in Athens, Greece, and an ordained priest for the Greek Orthodox Church. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Divinity School, Harvard School of Arts and Humanities, Boston College, Andover Newton Theological School, and a Visiting Research Scholar at the Institute for Medical Humanities of the University of Texas. He has been engaged in training programs for clergy in Greece, Cyprus, and the USA, and has written numerous books and articles in Greek, some translated into English, French, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and Spanish. His books in English include, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Answers and ... People (Athens: En Plo, 2019; this is an abridged version of a 700-page book in Greek: Attraction and Passion: An Interdisciplinary Approach of Homosexuality), trans. from Greek by Vasileios Tsangalos (Alhamba, CA: Sebastion Press, 2019); Psychology in the Service of the Church (Alhambra: Sebastian Press, 2017; 166 pp.); Thirst for Love and Truth: Encounters of Orthodox Theology and Psychological Science (Montreal: Alexander Press, 2010; 80 pp.); and In Search of the Person: According to Gregory of Palamas (Montreal: Alexander Press, 2002). He is the editor of the Greek journal Psyches Dromoi (Ways of the Soul), published every six months on the relationships between theology/religion and psychiatry/psychology (first issue in May 2011). In 2004, Peter Kazaku did a master thesis on Thermos’ work for the Theological School of Balamand University, Lebanon, which resulted in Orthodoxy and Psychoanalysis: Dirge or Polychronion to the Centuries-Old Tradition? (New York: Peter Lang, 2013; 147 pp.). In 2018 his essay “The Paradox of Mental Health Care and Spirituality: The Culture of Extreme Individualism as a Mediator” was awarded the prize for the category “Culture, Care, and Spirituality” by the Jean-Marc Fischer Foundation in Switzerland which highlights contributions to the fields of human, social and theological sciences. Contact:

2.  Dr. Taunya Marie Tinsley and Rev. Dr. Joan Prentice,
Is Pastoral Theology Still Relevant in an Age of Modern Psychology?
  Tinsley is Owner of Transitions Counseling Service LLC, Paoli, PA; Prentice is Director of The Ephesus Project. Tinsley earned her PhD from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, and her DMin from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. She holds a NCC and LPC. She has been an associate professor in counseling at University of Pennsylvania; director of Graduate Programs in Counseling, Waynesburg University, Pennsylvania; and director of the Graduate School of Counseling, Missio Seminary, Philadelphia. She remains director of the Mount Ararat Counseling Center at Mount Ararat Baptist Church, Pittsburgh. She has worked with the National Football Foundation, the National Football League, and the Pittsburgh Steelers in a variety of counseling certification programs. She has served as the North Atlantic Regional Representative for the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development, as president of the Pennsylvania College Counseling Association, and as president of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association. See ttinsley@transitionsaalp.com and www.Transitionsaalp.com.   Prentice earned her DMin and MDiv from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and she is now a board member of PTS. She is also staff pastor for new members at Mount Ararat Baptist Church, Pittsburgh. See drjbpephesus@gmail.com and http://theephesusproject.org.   

3.  Dr. Nontando Hadebe,
A Correction of Pastoral Care that Overlooks the Most Vulnerable.  Lecturer, St. Augustine College, Johannesburg, South Africa. Hadebe earned her ThD from St. Augustine College, Johannesburg, South Africa, and her ThM and BT from the University of KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa. She was Fulbright Scholar in residence at Emmanuel College, Boston, MA, and an International Fellow at the Jesuit School of Theology, Berkley, CA. She is a member of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians and the Theological Colloquium on Church, Religion and Society in Africa’s Women's Caucus comprosed of catholic women theologians in Africa.  She has written several articles and book chapters, including “Commodification, Decolonisation and Theological Education in Africa: Renewed Challenges for African Theologians,” HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 73, no. 3 (2017); “The Cry of the Earth Is the Cry of Women: Ecofeminisms in Critical Dialogue with Laudato Si,” Grace and Truth 42, no. 2 (2017); “Moving in Circles. A Sankofa-Kairos Theology of Inclusivity and Accountability Rooted in Trinitarian Theology as a Resource for Restoring the Liberation Legacy of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians,” Verbum et Ecclesia 37, no. 2 (2016); “Not in Our Name without Us: The Intervention of Catholic Women Speak at the Synod of Bishops on the Family: A Case Study of a Global Resistance Movement by Catholic Women,” HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 72, no. 1 (2016); “Whose Life Matters? Violence Against Lesbians and the Politis of Life in the Church,” in Visions and Vocations, The Catholic Women Speak Network, ed. Tina Beattie and D. Culberston (Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 2018); “Toward an Ubuntu Trinitarian Prophetic Theology: A Social Critique of Blindness to the Other,” in Living With(Out) Borders: Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church and the Migration of Peoples, ed. Agnes Brazal and Maria Theresa Davila (Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2016; 260 pp.); “HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa Gender Inequality and Human Rights: A Prophetic Trinitarian Anthropology,” chapter 19, in Dignity, Freedom and Grace: Christian Perspective on HIV, AIDS and Human Rights, ed. Gilliam Paterson and Callie Long (Geneva: WCC, 2016; 168 pp.). See
www.StAugustine.ac.za and noehadebe@gmail.com.  

4.  Dr. Caroline G. Seed,
Religious Belief, Conflict, and Violence: Theological Basis in 1 John for Being Passionate and Loving Those who Disagree with Us.
  Theological Education Consultant for Postgraduate Studies, George Whitefield College, South Africa. Seed earned her PhD from the Greenwich School of Theology, UK, through the North-West University, Potchefstroom campus, South Africa, and was awarded the Robert Grainger Beckett Prize for Academic Excellence. Prior to Whitefield, she was senior lecturer, North-West University/Greenwich School of Theology, supervising Masters and PhD students; senior lecturer in theology, Presbyterian University of East Africa, Kikuyu; director of academic affairs, then principal, School of Mission, Carlile College, Nairobi, Kenya; and academic dean for Kigali Anglican Theological College, Rwanda. She has written several articles including, “Monotheism, Messianism and Children of Israel: Reception of the Gospel of John among the Isawa of Northern Nigeria and the Qiang of Western China, 1913-1935,” International Bulletin of Mission Research (September 2019; first given as a research paper to the 2nd Annual Research Conference of the Presbyterian University of East Africa, 2016); and “‘Translatability and Non-Translatability,’ Bible, Qur’an and Land in northern Nigeria, 1913-1915,” conference paper given at the inaugural conference of The Sanneh Institute, Accra, Ghana, February 26-28, 2020. She is writing a commentary on 1 John for Islamic contexts for Langham Literature with a completion date of December 2021.  See cgseed@outlook.com, cseed@gwc.ac.za, and Caroline. Seed@nwu.ac.za.

5.  Rev. Daniel Funke and Dr. Tomas Bokedal,
“They Shall Not Inherit the Kingdom of God”—Is the Bible’s Language of Judgment and Sin too Condemnatory to Patiently Deal with Human Sins? An Evangelical Protestant Perspective.
  Funke earned his MA in Divinity from the University of Aberdeen and is pastor of Grace Baptist Church Govan, Glasgow, Scotland. See dannofunke@hotmail.de.  Bokedal is Lecturer in N.T. Studies, King’s College, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.  Bokedal earned his ThD from Lund University, Sweden, one of the world’s oldest universities; his MDiv, MA, and BA from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden; his DipHE from Sahlgrenska Academy; his DipHE from Chalmers University of Technology; and his PGCert from Gothenburg Psychotherapy Institute. He was a lecturer at the Lutheran School of Theology in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has published several articles and book chapters including, “Revelation: What Forms of Authority, and to Whom?” in T & T Clark Companion to the Theology of Kierkegaard, T & T Clark Handbooks, ed. Aaron P. Edwards and David J. Gouwens (London: T & T Clark/Bloomsbury, 2019), 279-298; and “Canon/Scripture,” in The Dictionary of the Bible and Ancient Media, ed. Tom Thatcher, Chris Keith, Raymond F. Person, Jr., and Elsie R. Stern (London: T & T Clark/Bloomsbury, 2017). See t.bokedal@abdn.ac.uk.

6.  Rev. Dr. Matthias Grebe,
“They Shall Not Inherit the Kingdom of God”—Is the Bible’s Language of Judgment and Sin too Condemnatory to Patiently Deal with Human Sins? An Anglican Perspective.
  Post-Doctoral Researcher and Lecturer, Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn, Germany. Grebe earned his PhD at Cambridge under Professor David Ford and did post-doctoral research at the University of Bonn on his second monograph on theodicy. He has studied theology at Tübingen, Cambridge, and Princeton. He wrote Election, Atonement, and the Holy Spirit—Through and Beyond Barth’s Interpretation of Scripture, foreword by David F. Ford (Oregon: Wipf and Stock, Princeton Theological Monograph Series; Pickwick Publication, 2014; 312 pp.), After Brexit? The Church of England, the European Churches and the Future of European Unity (Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 2019; 160 pp.), and Polyphonie der Theologie: Verantwortung und Widerstand in Kirche und Politik (Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2019; 522 pp.). He has contributed several book chapters, including, “Revelation as Salvation: a Comparison of Revelation in Barth and Tillich” and “Jürgen Moltmann”
in Paul Tillich et Karl Barth: Antagonismes et accords théologiques, ed. Mireille Hébert and Anne Marie Reijnen (Zürich: LIT Verlag, 2016; 231 pp.); “The Problem of Evil,” in The T & T Clark Companion to the Atonement, ed. Adam J. Johnson (London: T & T Clark, 2017); “The Church of England and European Ecumenism: Making our Unity Visible,” with Will Adam and Jeremy Worthen in his After Brexit? ... European Unity. He has published several articles including, “Jesus Christ: Victim or Victor? Revisiting Galatians 3:13 in conversation with Karl Barth and Scripture,” Communio Viatorum: A Theological Journal 57 no. 3 (2015). See mgrebe471@gmail.com and grebe@uni-bonn.de.  

7.  Rev. Dr. John Michael Kiboi,
“They Shall Not Inherit the Kingdom of God”—Is the Bible’s Language of Judgment and Sin too Condemnatory to Patiently Deal with Human Sins? A Modernist Perspective.
  Senior Lecturer in Theology, St. Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya. Kiboi earned his PhD in dogmatic theology from the Catholic University of East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya; his MA from the University of Toronto; and his BD from St. Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya. He holds a certificate in counseling from the Stephen Ministries (CSM), Saint Louis, Missouri. He is a leader of St. Paul’s University’s PhD programme in Theology, in charge of faculty and post-graduate research and training clinics, head of systematic theology. He has published two books, The Tripartite Office of Christ in the Light of Worgoondet: Towards a Sabaot Christology of Inculturation (Nairobi: CUEA Press, 2017; 249 pp.) and Assurance of Salvation: Towards a Cumulative Case Argument (Latvia, European Union: Scholars’ Press, 2018; 210 pp.). He has led many seminars and published several articles, including, “The Imperative of the Great Commission and the Quest for Christian-Muslim Relationship: Dialogue, Diapraxis, or Inculturation?” African Christian Studies (September 2015); “From a Post-Colonial Hermeneutic of Suspicion to a Dialectical Theology of Instantaneous and Progressive Divine Revelation,” African Christian Studies (December 2015); “Inter-Religious Conflicts in 21st Century: Dialectical-Scepticism as a Panacea,” African Ecclesial Review (March/June 2017); and “Towards a Theodicy of Divine Impotence as a Solution to the Problem of Evil,” African Christian Studies 33, no. 2 (June 2017). See www.SPU.ac.ke and jkiboi@spu.ac.ke.    

8.  Fr. Dr. Daniel Ude Asue,
Does the Roman Catholic Church’s Language of Sin Make Pastoral Care of Victims too Difficult?
  Catholic Priest and Chaplain, U.S. Army, 10th Mountain Division. Asue earned his PhD in Practical Theology from St. Thomas University, FL. He has been a chaplain for the U.S. Air Force; vicar priest for St. Anne Catholic Church, Sunset, CA; as well as a vicar for a few other churches and a hospital chaplain. He was the editor of The Catholic Star.  He has written Bottom Elephants: Catholic Sexual Ethics and Pastoral Practice in Africa: The Challenge of Women Living within Patriarchy & Threatened by HIV-Positive Husbands (Washington, DC: Pacem in Terris Press, 2014; 346 pp.) and chapter two, “The Evolution of Christian Feminist Ethics as a Demand for Social Justice,” in The Kpim of Feminism: Issues and Women in a Changing World, ed. George Uzoma Ukagba, Obioma Des-Obi, and Iks J. Nwankwor (Victoria, Canada: Trafford Publishing, 2010; 599 pp.). He has published several articles, including “Evolving an African Christian Feminist Ethics: A Study of Nigerian Women,” International Journal of African Catholicism 1, no. 2 (Summer 2010); “Muslim Youths in Search of Identity in Nigeria: The Case of Boko Haram Violence,” International Journal of African Catholicism 3, no. 1 (Winter 2012); “Remodeling Catechesis in Post Vatican II African Church: A Generation Approach,” Asian Horizons, Dharmaram Journal of Theology 6, no. 3 (Sept., 2012); “How Does an African Polygamist Experience Grace in the Catholic Church?—A Hermeneutical Retrieval of Tertullian,” Hekima Review 48 (May 2013); “Divine Revelation in Africa: Challenges of Intercultural Hermeneutics and Inculturation Theology,” Hekima Review 49 (Jan. 2014); “Sexual Violence, Contraceptive Use, and the Principle of Self-Defense in Marriage,” Hekima Review 50 (May 2014); “Faith-Based Organizations and the Women’s Empowerment Process in Nigeria: An Assessment of the Catholic Women Organization in Tivland,” International Journal of African Catholicism 6, no. 2 (Winter 2015.); and “Ecumenical Tensions among Nigerian Christians: Lessons from Vatican II,” International Review of Mission 105, no. 2 (Nov. 2016). See frdanielasue@bedeva.org and asue1ng@yahoo.com.

9.  Professor Robert Fastiggi,
Is the Roman Catholic Theology of Sin too Judgmental?
  Roman Catholic Professor of Systematic Theology Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, Michigan. Fastiggi earned his PhD and MA from Fordham University, Bronx, NY. He has been executive editor of the 2009–2013 supplements to the New Catholic Encyclopedia and the co-editor of the English translation of the 43rd edition of the Heinrich Denzinger’s Enchiridion Symbolorum: A Compendium of Creeds, Definitions and Declarations of the Catholic Church, edited by Peter Hünermann
(St. Ignatius Press, 2012; 1,450  pp.). He has done research in Paris and Montréal, and he took part in a study-tour of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain sponsored by the National Council for U.S.-Arab relations. He is the author of The Natural Theology of Yves de Paris (Scholars Press, 1991); The Mystical Theology of the Catholic Reformation—An Overview of Baroque Spirituality, co-author with José Pereira (University Press of America, 2006; 309 pp.); What the Church Teaches about Sex—God’s Plan for Human Happiness (Huntington: Our Sunday Visitor Press, 2009; 174 pp.); Called to Holiness and Communion: Vatican II on the Church, co-editor with Fr. Steven Boguslawski (Scranton: University of Scranton Press, 2009; 300 pp.); co-editor with Judith Marie Gentle, De Maria Numquam Satis—The Significance of the Catholic Doctrines on the Blessed Virgin Mary for All People (University Press of America, 2009; 204 pp.); St. Paul, the Natural Law, and Contemporary Legal Theory, co-editor with Jane Adolphe and Michael A. Vacca (Lexington Books, 2012; 254 pp.); The Sacrament of Reconciliation: An Anthropological and Scriptural Understanding (Chicago/Mundelein: Hillenbrand Books, 2017; 176 pp.); Catholic Sexual Morality (Wipf and Stock, 2018); Ludwig Ott: Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, trans. and reviser (Baronius Press, 2018; 569 pp.); Equality and Non-discrimination: Catholic Roots and Current Challenges, co-editor with Jane F. Adolphe and Michael A. Vacca (Pickwick Publications, 2019; 246 pp.); and Virgin, Mother, Queen: Encountering Mary in Time and Tradition, co-author with Michael O’Neil (Ave Maria Press, 2019; 192 pp.). See www.SHMS.edu and fastiggi.robert@shms.edu.

10.  Professor Wayne Baxter,
Was Jesus’ Language of Judgment and Sin too Condemnatory for him to Deal Graciously with Human Sin?—A Reflection from the Matthew’s Gospel
.  Professor of N.T. and Greek, Heritage College and Seminary, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Baxter earned his PhD from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and his MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL. He has pastored Christian and Missionary Alliance churches in Windsor and Ottawa, and a Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec church in Mississauga. He has taught part-time at Wilfrid Laurier University, King’s University College (UWO), and McMaster University. He wrote Growing Up to Get Along: Conflict and Unity in Philippians (Rapid City: Crosslink, 2016; 142 pp.); We’ve Lost. What Now? Practical Counsel from the Book of Daniel (Eugene: Wipf & Stock, 2015; 158 pp.); and Israel’s Only Shepherd: Matthew’s Shepherd Motif and His Social Setting (T & T Clark, 2012; 228 pp.). See www.HeritageCambridge.com and wbaxter@heritageseminary.net.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Part II.  Pastoral Theology:  Attending to Human Need
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

11.  Dr. Rock M. LaGioia,
Addressing Spiritual Lethargy: A Biblical, Theological, and Homiletical Approach
.  Professor of Pastoral Studies and Director of Doctoral Programs, Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana. He wrote the articles on “Blackwood, Andrew Watterson,” “Chapman, John Wilbur,” “Chappell, Clovis Gilham,” Jefferson, Charles Edward,” “Jowett, John Henry,” “Lee, Robert Greene,” “McClain, Alva J.,” “McGee, John Vernon,” “Marshall, Peter,” “Robinson, Haddon W.,” and “Talbot, Louis Thomson” in Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States, ed. George Thomas Kurian and Mark A. Lamport (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2016; 2,664 pp.); “Anticipating Christ’s Return.” in Bulletin for Intercultural Studies of Grace Theological Seminary 12 (December 2013); and “Victory Over Trials and Temptations.” in Selah: Pause and Think (Grace Publishing House, 2013). See www.Grace.edu/academics/seminary/faculty/lagioia and lagioir@grace.edu.

12.  Rev. Dr. Myrna Thurmond-Malone,
Midwifing Model of Pastoral Care with Addicted Persons
.  Founder and Director, MHT Family Life Center, Riverdale, Georgia. LaGioia earned his DMin, MDiv, and ThM from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL. Thurmond-Malone earned her ThD in Pastoral Care and Counseling, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, Georgia, and her MDiv from the Interdenominational Theological Center. She is a licensed Christian counselor and a board-certified pastoral counselor.  She is listed in Best Marriage Therapists in Riverdale at Marriage.com. She has been a chaplain and grief counselor for Metro State Women’s Prison and adjunct professor at the Interdenominational Theological Center where she taught Clinical Introduction to Psychology of Pastoral Care. She has written Midwifing—A Womanist Approach to Pastoral Counseling (Oregon: Pickwick, 2019; 182 pp.), based upon her 2015 Columbia Theological Seminary ThD diss. She is the co-author with Alisha Tatem, Brandy McMurry, and Quanika Bynum of Daughters of the Desert—The Journey Towards Letting Go, Surrendering, and Trusting God (Scotts Valley: CreateSpace, 2015) and Selah—Reflections on Sabbath and Self-Care (CreateSpace, 2015). See www.MHTFamilyLifeCenter.org and RevMyrnaMalone@mhtfamilylifecenter.org.

13.  Rev. Dr. Hundzukani Portia Khosa-Nkatine,
Practical Theology/Spirituality and Fostering Healthy Human Relationships in the Workplace
.  Lecturer in Practical Theology, University of Pretoria, South Africa, Chaplain, South African Military Health Services.   Khosa-Nkatine earned her PhD from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She is the author of Developing a More Inclusive Liturgy Praxis for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in South Africa (Rita, Latvia: Lambert  Academic Publishing, 2017; 160 pp.) which is based upon her Master of Theology thesis seen here, https://repository.up.ac.za/bitstream/handle/2263/46075/Khosa_Development_2014.pdf.  She is a chaplain at South African Military Health Services (SAMHS), and researcher and lecturer at the University of South Africa (Unisa). See www.UP.ac.za and hundzukhosa@gmail.com.

14.  Dr. Walter S. Chung and Dr. Stephanie Chung,
“Women Don’t Like Nice Guys”—Dating, Attraction, and Christian Values: Teaching Our Young People How to Fall in Love
.  He is founding Director and Professor of Online Programming, Eastern University, St. Davids, PA; and Coordinator of Applied Behavior Analysis, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, CA; She is Chair and Professor of Special Education and Co-founding Director of Online Applied Behavior Analysis, Cairn University, Langhorne, PA. Walter Chung, PhD, BCBA-D, CRC, LPC, LBS, is the founding director and professor of the Online Counseling Program and coordinator of Applied Behavior Analysis Concentration, Eastern University, and adjunct professor, Online Applied Behavior Analysis Program, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP). He was professor and director of professional practice in applied behavior analysis for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology between 2016 and 2018. At the same time at Cairn University, he and his wife, Dr. Stephanie Chung, co-founded the first fully online Christian Master's Degree program in applied behavior analysis in the world (focusing on Autism) and that included a board-certified behavior analyst program. See www.eastern.edu/walter-chung and wchung@eastern.edu.  Stephanie Chung, EdD, BCBA, LBS, is Chair and Professor of Special Education Department, Co-founding director of Online Applied Behavior Analysis Programs, Cairn University. See schung@cairn.edu and https://cairn.edu/team/stephanie-chung/
.  They have co-authored several technical articles, and both serve as reviewers of several technical journals.

15.  Kevaughn Mattis,
Judgmental Attitudes and Their Impact on Our Pastoral Effectiveness
.  Founder and Director, Testamentum Imperium. Mattis earned his LLB with honors from the University of London, UK, and his LPC from BPP Law School, Manchester, UK, and he practices law in Trinidad, Tobago. He founded Testamentum Imperium (Great Testament) around 2005 with requests for articles on the security of the Christian believer from scholars all over the world, www.PreciousHeart.net/ti.  Of the first volume’s 80 articles, 13 articles were published in Perspectives on Eternal Security: Biblical, Historical, and Philosophical, Foreword by H. Wayne House, edited by Kirk R. MacGregor and Kevaughn Mattis (Wipf and Stock, 2009; 238 pp.).  Volume 2 received 122 articles, volume 3 received 161 articles, and articles are nearly complete for volumes 4 and 5.  This appears to be one of the largest collection of articles on the Great Testament of Christian eternal security anywhere in the world. See destinyfromthebeginning@hotmail.com.

16.  Rev. Dr. Michael G. Maness,
Ethics of Judging between Truth and Love when the Absolutely Right Choice
Is Elusive.  Maness earned his DMin from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (1997); his MDiv from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth (1990); and his BA from the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies, Dallas, Texas (1985). He retired as a senior clinical chaplain from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (20 years), and has a certified professional-diplomate lifetime membership from the American Correctional Chaplaincy Association, a designation no longer given. He led Texas staff chaplains from MHMR, TYC, and TDCJ in a 2000 legislative push that resulted in their first pay-group raise in 40-plus years, then led TDCJ chaplains again 2007 that won back 25 staff chaplain positions, and lastly in 2011 led in saving the Texas prison chaplaincy from cancellation, chronicled in his book, How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011 (2015; 414 pp.). He has written over 100 articles and ten books, including, Would You Lie To Save a Life?—A Theology on the Ethics of Love (2007; 432 pp.); Heart of the Living God—Love, Free Will, Foreknowledge, Heaven (2004; 728 pp.); Character Counts—Freemasonry USA’s National Treasure and Source of Our Founding Fathers’ Original Intent (Rev. 2007; 448 pp.); Ocean Devotions—From the Hold of Charles H. Spurgeon (2008; 440 pp.); Heaven—Treasures of Our Everlasting Rest (2004; 132 pp.); Queen of Prison Ministry—Story of Gertha Rogers, First Woman to Minister on Texas Death Row, with a foreword by former TDCJ Exec. Dir. Wayne Scott (2008; 100 pp.); Precious Heart, Broken Heart—Love and the Search for Finality in Divorce (2003; 192 pp.), and his 1997 DMin dissertation, “A Helping Skills Program at the Gib Lewis State Prison, Woodville, Texas” (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997). His web domain, www.PreciousHeart.net, links to over 10k resources and hosts perhaps the largest collection of papers and data on prison chaplaincy in the world and the most for Texas. He has been managing editor and publisher of Testamentum Imperium for most of its publication history, www.PreciousHeart.net/ti.  

17.  Professor Godfrey Harold,
The Church as Alternative Community: A South African Perspective
.  Principal and Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Cape Town Baptist Seminary, South Africa; Distinguished Fellow, B. H. Carroll Theological Institute, Irving, Texas. Harold earned his PhD from the University of Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa; his Th and MRE from Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology; and his MTh, BA, and BT (Honors) from University of Zululand, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Harold is the managing editor for the South African Baptist Journal of Theology, associate researcher at the University of Pretoria, and serves on the editorial board of Pharos Theological Journal. He has been an adjunct professor in the Faith amd Heritage cluster and supervised a PhD student for the B. H. Carroll Theological Institute, Irving, Texas. He has published over 28 peer-reviewed articles in national and international theological Journals, including “The Christian and Suffering: A Philosophical Question and a Pastoral Response,” Midwestern Theological Journal 4, no. 2 (2006): 93-100; “An Evangelical Response to Post-modernism,” The South African Baptist Theological Journal 16 (2008): 61-65; “Affirmative Action as an Approach to Economic Restitution in Post-Apartheid South Africa: a Reading of Luke 19:1-10,” The South African Baptist Journal of Theology 25 (2015): 25-43. He is the author of The Apostolic and Prophetic Reformation: A Critical Study (Rita, Latvia: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017; 117 pp.). He recently wrote the chapter “The Story of the Indian Church in South Africa” in Diaspora Christianities: Global Scattering and Gathering of South Asian Christians, ed. Sam George (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2019; 200 pp.). See www.ctbs.org.za and godfrey@ctbs.org.za.   

18.  Dr. Samuel Yonas Deressa,
Church and State in Ethiopia: Contribution of Lutheran Understanding of the Community of Grace.  Assistant Professor of Theology and the Global South, Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota. Deressa earned his PhD from Luther Seminary, St. Paul; his MDiv from Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and his BTh from Mekane Yesus Seminary, Addis Ababa. He serves as a pre-seminary coordinator for the Department of Theology and Ministry, Condordia University, and has been on the faculty of Mekane Yesus Seminary, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He has written, The Life, Works, and Witness of Tsehay Tolessa and Gudina Tumsa, the Ethiopian Bonhoeffer (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2017; 299 pp.); Cultural Ethics and Inter-Religious Coexistence and the Ethiopian Context: The Case of Karrayyu Oromo (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Makane Yesus Seminary, 2011; 92 pp.); edited, Revisiting the History, Theology, and Leadership Practice of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, Journal of Gudina Tumsa Theological Forum (Minneapolis: Lutheran University Press, 2016; 174 pp.); and wrote and edited, Emerging Theological Praxis (Minneapolis: Lutheran University Press, 2012; 140 pp.).  See www.CSP.edu/person/dr-samuel-deressa/ and Deressa@csp.edu.  

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Part III.  Pastoral Theology and Human Suffering
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

19.  Dr. Dana Costin-Stelian and Dr. Siroj Sorajjakool,
When Sickness Heals: Pastoral Reflection on Finding Meaning in Suffering.   Costin-Stelian is a Chaplain and Counselor, Charter Hospice, Palm Desert, California, and Sorajjakook is President, Asia Pacific International University, Muak Lek, Thailand. Costin-Stelian earned her PhD, MA, and BA from the University of Bucharest, Romania; and her MS from Loma Linda University, California. She has served as assistant professor of sociology for the University of Bucharest and a researcher with the Romanian Academy of Science. She has written Roma Children Between Survival and Success (Bucharest, Romania: Expert Publishing House, 2009) and several articles, including two chapters, “The Health Status of Roma Population” and “Family Planning in Roma Families,” in Roma People in Romania, Catalin Zamfir and Marian Preda (Bucharest, Romania: Expert Publishing, 2001); and “Formative experiences,” in The Youth of the First Decade: The Challenges of the 90's, Ioan Marginean (Bucharest, Romania: Expert Publishing House, 1996). See www.LinkedIn.com/in/danacostinstelian and dana.stellian@gmail.com. Sorajjakool is serving as the President of Asia-Pacific International University in Thailand and also remains an adjunct professor at Loma Linda University where he was professor of religion, psychology, and counseling, and held several other positions over the last 20 years. He has written many books, including Human Trafficking in Thailand: Current Issues, Trends, and the Role of the Thai Government (Silkworm Books, 2013); When Sickness Heals: The Place of Religious Belief in the Practice of Healthcare (Templeton Foundation Press, 2006); Child Prostitution in Thailand: Listening to Rahab (Haworth Press, 2002), Wu Wei, Negativity, and Depression: The Principle of Non-trying in the Practice of Pastoral Care, foreword by Professor Ann Ulanov, Christiane Brooks Johnson Memorial Professor of Psychiatry and Religion, Union Theological Seminary (Haworth Press, 2001); with Mark F. Carr, Julius J. Nam, and Ernest Bursey, eds., World Religions for Healthcare Professionals, 2nd ed. (Routledge, 2017; 1st 2009), a textbook for Loma Linda University, CA, since 2009, and by Adventist University of Health Science, Florida; and with Henry Lamberton, eds. Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness: An Introductory Guide for Healthcare Professionals (Haworth Press, 2004), also a textbook at Loma Linda since 2004. He has written many chapters and articles, including those in Sacred Spaces, Journal of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, Journal of Pastoral Theology, Pastoral Psychology, Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services, The Journal of Pastoral Care, Catalyst: Journal of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, Religions, Journal of Religion and Health, Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, and Golden Teak: Humanity and Social Sciences Journal. See ssorajjakool@llu.edu and Siroj@apiu.edu.

20.  Dr. Erhard S. Gerstenberger,
Finding (or Missing) God and Meaning in Suffering
.  Professor Emeritus of O.T. Literature and Theology, University of Marburg, Germany. Gerstenberger retired from Marburg University in 1997. He continues teaching the Hebrew Bible on a more leisurely scale both inside Germany and abroad, within church communities and academic settings. He is the author of many books and over 300 articles, including Suffering (1980; 272 pp.); Yahweh—The Patriarch: Ancient Images of God and Feminist Theology, trans. Frederick J. Gaiser (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1996; 168 pp.), Psalms 1—with an Introduction to Cultic Poetry (1988; 262 pp.), Psalms 2 and Lamentations (2001; 566 pp.), Theologies in the O.T. (2002; 372 pp.), and Woman and Man (1981; 252 pp.). For his 80th birthday in 2012 two of his colleagues published a collection of 42 articles spanning 50 years of teaching and writing (half in English, half in German, one in Portuguese): Ute E. Eisen and Christl M. Maier, eds., Erhard S. Gerstenberger: Die Hebraeische Bibel als Buch der Befreiunjg, which translates into English after his name into “The Hebrew Bible—a Book which Liberates  (Ausgewaehlte Aufsaetze, 2012; 718p; openaccess@bibsys.uni-giessen.de): published by Justus-Liebig-Universitat, Giessen, Germany, online every article, http://geb.uni-giessen.de/geb/volltexte/2012/8601/.  See his bibliography http://geb.uni-giessen.de/geb/volltexte/2012/8838/pdf/Gerstenberger_Bibliographie.pdf or www.PreciousHeart.net/ti/Gerstenberger-Bibliography.pdf, over 300 articles in 18 pages from 1961–2012, put together by Michaela Geiger. See gersterh@staff.uni-marburg.de.  

21.  Dr. Maury Jackson,
Ecclesiology and Theodicy: Bonhoeffer’s Sanctorum Communio as Response to Human Suffering
.  Associate Professor of Practical Theology, H.M.S. Richards Divinity School, La Sierra University, Riverside, California. Jackson earned his DMin from Claremont School of Theology, CA; his MA from California State University, Los Angeles; and his MDiv from Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI. He has served as pastor on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. His several published works include: “Shepherding Public Discourse Practices: Homiletic Form Aligned to the Logic Operative in Racial Rhetoric and Public Theological Discourse for Secular Liberal Democracies,” Cultural and Religious Studies 4, no. 9 (September 2016); “Causality Principle as the Framework to Contextualize Time in Modern Physics,” International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention 5, no. 6 (June 2016), 1–22; “Moral Education and the Adventist Print Media,” Adventist Today 22, no. 4 (Fall 2014), 12–17; “When Anger Heals:A Christian Response to the Global Healthcare Debate,” Adventist Today 21, no. 1 (Winter, 2013), 04–09; “The Heresy Tertullian Overlooked: On Prescription against the Apologist’s Use of Rhetoric,” Spes Christiana 22–23 (2011–2012), 15–30; “Sketching an Adventist Vision for Global Mission” Adventist Today 20, no. 2 (March–April, 2012), 16–19; and “Answering the Call for a Sacred Conversation on Race,” Spectrum Magazine 36, no. 3 (Summer, 2008), 42–50.  See https://lasierra.edu/divinity and mjackson@lasierra.edu.

22.  Rev. Dr. Nathan D. Hieb,
The God of All Comfort: Karl Barth and Hope in Suffering
.  Pastor, Monmouth Chinese Christian Church, New Jersey; Adjunct Professor of Theology, Alliance Theological Seminary, Nyack, NY; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mission Theology and Urban Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA. Hieb earned his PhD in systematic theology from Princeton Theological Seminary, NJ; his MDiv and MA from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA; and his BA in Philosophy and Urban Studies from the University of Minnesota. He has ministered for twenty years among immigrant congregations, the urban poor, and youth countercultures in New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. He has served on ministry projects in Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He is the Pastor of the English Congregation of Monmouth Chinese Christian Church in Middletown, New Jersey, as well as Partnering Adjunct Professor of Theology at Alliance Theological Seminary, New York, NY, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mission Theology and Urban Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California. He is the author of Crucified in a Suffering World: The Unity of Atonement and Liberation (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2013; 240 pp.). See www.MCCC.org/mccc/ and ndhieb@gmail.com.

23.  Dr. Amos Yong,
Disability and Suffering?—Pastoral and Practical Theological Considerations.
  Director of the Center for Missiological Research, Professor of Theology and Mission, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California. Yong earned his PhD from Boston University; his MA from Portland State University, Portland, Oregon; and another MA from Western Evangelical Seminary, Portland, Oregon. He has published several books and over 200 articles, including Theology and Down Syndrome: Reimagining Disability in Late Modernity (Baylor University Press, 2007; 465 pp.); The Future of Evangelical Theology—Soundings from the Asian American Diaspora (IVP Academic, 2014; 255 pp.); Renewing Christian Theology—Systematics for Global Christianity, with Jonathan A. Anderson (Baylor University Press, 2014; 477 pp.); Spirit of Love: A Trinitarian Theology of Grace (Baylor University Press, 2012; 246 pp.); The Bible, Disability, and the Church: A New Vision of the People of God (Eerdmans, 2011; 161 pp.); Cambridge Companion to Pentecostalism (Cambridge University Press, 2014; 358 pp.); Interdisciplinary and Religio-Cultural Discourses on a Spirit-Filled World—Loosing the Spirits, co-edited with Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen and Kirsteen Kim (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013; 262 pp.); Pneumatology and the Christian-Buddhist Dialogue—Does the Spirit Blow through the Middle Way? Studies in Systematic Theology 11 (Brill, 2012; 359 pp.); The Cosmic Breath—Spirit and Nature in the Christianity-Buddhism-Science Trialogue, Philosophical Studies in Science and Religion 4 (Brill, 2012; 299 pp.); The Spirit of Creation—Modern Science and Divine Action in the Pentecostal-Charismatic Imagination, Pentecostal Manifestos 4 (Eerdmans, 2011; 252 pp.); Who is the Holy Spirit? A Walk with the Apostles (Paraclete Press, 2011; 231 pp.); The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh—Pentecostalism and the Possibility of Global Theology (Baker Academic, 2005; 320 pp.); In the Days of Caesar: Pentecostalism and Political Theology—The Cadbury Lectures 2009 (Eerdmans, 2010; 397 pp.), and Beyond the Impasse—Toward a Pneumatological Theology of Religions (Baker Academic, 2003; 207 pp.). See www.Fuller.edu and amosyong@fuller.edu.  

24.  Dr. HyeRan Kim-Cragg,
What Kind of Response Can Pastoral Theology Give in the Midst of Suffering?  Kim-Cragg is the Timothy Eaton Memorial Church Professor of Preaching, and the Graduate Degree Director at Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto, Canada. She earned her ThD from Emmanuel College, University of Toronto; her MDiv from the Hanshin Graduate School of Theology, Hanshin University, Osan, South Korea; and her BS from Dongduk Women's University, Seoul, South Korea. Prior her post at Emmanuel College, she was Lydia Gruchy  Professor of Pastoral Studies at St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon Theological Union, Canada. In 2019, she received The Rowntree Scholarship at The United Church of Canada Foundation. She is Dean of Global Institute of Theology, the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) and Co-Moderator of Theology Reference Group for the WCRC. She was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea and a member of the United Church of Canada. She has authored several books and articles, including Postcolonial Preaching: Creating a Ripple Effect (Lanham: Lexington, 2021; 160 pp.), What Does the Bible Say?—A Critical Conversation with Popular Culture in a Biblically Illiterate World (Eugene: Cascade, 2017; 203 pp.); An Intercultural Adventure Part II—The Authority and Interpretation of Scripture in The United Church of Canada, co-authored with Don Schweitzer (Daejeon, South Korea: Daejanggan Publisher, 2016); 2 Thessalonians—Wisdom Commentary, co-authored with Mary Ann Beavis (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2016; 254 pp.); Hebrews—Wisdom Commentary, co-authored with Mary Ann Beavis (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2015; 336 pp.); Story and Song—A Postcolonial Interplay between Christian Education and Worship (New York: Peter Lang, 2012; 180 pp.); The Encounters—Re-telling the Biblical Stories from Migration and Intercultural Perspectives, co-authored with Eun-Young Choi, translated by Lark Kim (Daejeon, Blacksmith Publisher, 2013; 102 pp.); An Introduction to The United Church of Canada—Key Texts with Introductions and Commentary, co-edited with Don Schweitzer (Toronto: United Church of Canada, 2013; 91 pp.); Interdependence: A Postcolonial Feminist Practical Theology (Eugene: Pickwick, 2018; 188 pp.); Mission and Migration: The Changing Mission Goals of The United Church of Canada and the Mission of Koreans Within It, coauthor with Don Schweitzer (Daejeon, South Korea: Daejanggan Publisher, 2019); “Unfinished and Unfolding Tasks of Preaching: Interdisciplinary, Intercultural, and Interreligious Approaches in the Postcolonial Context of Migration,” Homiletic: The Journal of the Academy of Homiletics 44, no. 2 (2019); and “Home, Hospitality, and Preaching: A Need for the Homiletical Engagement of Migration,” in Migration and Religion: Negotiating Sites of Hospitality, Resistance, and Vulnerability, eds. Andrea Bieler, Isolde Karle, Kim-Cragg, and Ilona Nord (Leipzig: Eva, 2019); and many more. See www.Emmanuel.utoronto.ca/about-emmanuel/facultystaff-directory/hyeran-kim-cragg/ and hyeran.kimcragg@utoronto.ca.  .

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