List of Exposés of Freemasonry
by Aphonse Cerza


The following comes from:

Alphonse Cerza, Anti-Masonry: Light on the Past and Present Opponents of Freemasonry (Fulton, MO: Ovid Bell Press, 1962; 410p.), appendix B, 212-213.

Cerza was a law teacher and past master of a lodge.



for more and the book—
Character Counts: Freemasonry U.S.A.’s National Treasure and

Source of Our Founding Fathers’ Original Intent


By Michael Glenn Maness


Exposes of the Ritual


A Mason’s Examination, anonymous. Published in the Flying Post, on April 11, 13, 1723.

The Grand Mystery of Free-Masons Discoverd. Published in London, in 1724.

The Secret History of Freemasonry. Published in London, in 1724.

The Whole Institutions of Free-Masons Opened. Published in Dublin, in 1725.

The Grand Mystery Laid Open; or the Free Masons Signs and Words Discovered. Published in 1726.

The Freemason’s Accusation and Defense. Published in London, in 1726.

A Mason’s Confession. Published in Scots Magazine, in 1727.

The Mystery of Freemasonry. Published in the Daily Journal of London, on August 15 and 18, 1730; later reproduced in the Penn­sylvania Gazette, by Benjamin Franklin, on December 5 and 8, 1730.

Masonry Dissected, by Samuel Prichard. Published in London, in 1730. The most celebrated of the early exposes. It was translated into many languages and was reprinted in many English editions. It is reproduced in the appendix immediately following this list.

The Secrets of Masonry Made Known to All Men. Probably writ-ten by Prichard. Published in London, in 1737.

The Mystery of Masonry. Published in London, in 1737.

The Mysterious Receptions of the Celebrated Society of Freema­sons. Published in London, in 1737.

Masonry Further Dissected. Published in London, in 1737. Le Secret des Franc-Macons. Published in Geneva, in 1742. Catechisme des Franc-Macons. Published in Paris, in 1745. L’Ordre de Franc-Macons Trahi. Published in 1745.

Le Macon Demasque. Published in 1751.

The Free Mason Examin’d, by Alex Slade. Published in London, in 1754.

The Secrets of the Free Masons Revealed. Published in London, in 1759.

A Master Key to Freemasonry. Published in 1760.

Three Distinct Knocks. Published in 1760.

Jachin and Boaz. Published in London, in 1762.

Hiram or the Grand Master Key. Published in London, in 1764. Shibboleth or Every Man a Freemason. Published in 1765. Solomon in All His Glory. Published in 1766.

Mahabone or the Grand Lodge Door Open’d. Published in 1766. Tubal-Cain. Published in 1767.

The Freemason Stripped Naked. Published in 1769.

The Master Key, by I. Browne. Written in cypher. Published in 1794.

The Cat Out of the Bag, Containing the Whole Secrets and Mysteries of Freemasonry Never Before Divulged. Published in four parts in London, in 1824 and 1825.

Manual of Freemasonry, by Richard Carlisle. Published in Lon-don, in 1825.

Illustrations of Masonry, by William Morgan. Published in Batavia, New York, in 1828.

Light on Masonry, by David Bernard. Published in Utica, New York, in 1829.

A Ritual and Illustrations of Freemasonry, etc. Published in 1835.

A Ritual of Freemasonry, by Avery Allyn. Published in New York, in 1852. (Two articles relating to the various editions of this work appeared in the Philalethes magazine in December, 1961 and February, 1962.)

Ronayne’s Handbook of Freemasonry. Published in Chicago, Illinois, in 1876.

Darkness Visible, by Walton Hannah. Published in London, in 1952.



The subject of exposés is discussed in the following places: Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, 1929 ed., p.347-348; Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia, pp. 567-568; Short Talk Bulletin, of the Ma-sonic Service Association, of July, 1952, entitled “Those Terrible Exposés”; N. B. Spencer, The Exposures, Vol. 74 A.Q C.: 142-145.




for more and the book—

Character Counts: Freemasonry U.S.A.’s National Treasure and

Source of Our Founding Fathers’ Original Intent


By Michael Glenn Maness