Watson-Wyatt vs. Solucient
There is no comparison worthy of the name

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Introduction:  Watson-Wyatt v. Solucient
          Watson-Wyatt Survey 1:  Kinds of Hospitals Responding
          Watson-Wyatt Survey 2:  Selected Data on Chaplains
          Watson-Wyatt Survey 3:  Selected Data on Chaplains – Not-For-Profit
2.  Solucient’s 460 Hospitals that Made the 100 Top Hospitals List
3.  Combined Lists Hospitals and Observations:  REVIEW In ORDER
4.  Combined List of Hospitals

Introduction:  Watson-Wyatt v. Solucient  --  Compare Chaplaincy Market Study

Here we show the relevant data used by the Texas State Auditor's office to determine the market for Chaplains from the Watson-Wyatt survey.  Though a seemingly normal tool, the survey upon closer examination is not as significant in reflecting "true" market data of Chaplains, especially TDCJ Chaplains.  In the light of the robust data in the Chaplaincy Market Study, a very burdensome question of integrity arises with respect to the Texas State Auditor’s assessment of the chaplaincy market:  why did the auditors avoid the VA, the Federal Bureau of Prison, and military chaplaincy data?  The numbers are astounding.

Furthermore, we compare the Watson-Wyatt list of 551 hospitals surveyed with the "Top 100 Hospitals" selected by Solucient.  In comparison to Solucient's 460 Top 100 hospitals from 1993-2000, Watson-Wyatt come up even shorter in credibility, since Solucient analyzes ALL the hospitals reporting to the U.S. Medicare Program. 

The Watson Wyatt Personnel Compensation Report[1] was used as a significant part as an indicator or standard for chaplain salaries.  It is large report, both volumes covering a broad range of health care positions in over 1,300 pages, excelling for the most part in analysis of the health care profession compensation.

In analysis of the TDCJ Chaplains classification, the auditor's office used this reference work and a few other requests from around the nation to come to their conclusion that essentially substantiated the low station of Chaplains in the Texas Classification "B" Schedule.  The following is an analysis of this report with respect to the report's applicability to TDCJ Chaplains.

1.  Introduction Watson-Wyatt Survey of 547 Hospitals 
--  Compare Chaplaincy Market Study

The entire report was culled from surveys from 551 hospitals.  This list was taken from this survey analysis:  Wyatt Data Services, ECS Hospital and Health Care Professional, Nursing and Allied Services Personnel Compensation Report, Volume 1 & 2, 1999/2000, Rochelle Park, NJ:  Wyatt Data Services, 1999.  Watson Wyatt Worldwide provides a number of reference works related to compensation surveys, various kinds of personnel forms and other personnel guidebooks.  There are 547 hospitals listed here, and the author if this admits at a few could be missing as a result of scanning errors, even though there was an attempt to correct all errors.

Here is a selection of statistics from the Watson-Wyatt charts illustrating the variety of hospital organizations from which the surveys came.  Note that these are only a selection:

Watson-Wyatt Survey 1:  Kinds of Hospitals Responding[2]

The above instructs us that the following analyses of positions came from surveys from 551 hospitals across the US, 111 from the South Central Region (that include Texas) of the several bed sizes.  There are several reverse correlations between TDCJ and the general hospital organizations.

For instance, the ratio of beds/patients to employees is almost opposite to that of the prison system.  As seen in the following numbers of chaplains in the South Central Region and across the US, the ratio of Chaplains per number of beds/patients is about one Chaplain per 150-200 patients, whereas in TDCJ it is about one Chaplain per 1,000 offenders.[3]  Given that Chaplains in both groups are available to both employees AND clients, clearly, the employed Chaplain is first of all and primarily available to the clients.

TDCJ Chaplains in general are responsible for five times the number of clients or offenders, who in themselves are among the states most troubled persons.  And like the hospital Chaplain, the prison Chaplain deals with the families of the clients. 

Watson-Wyatt Survey 2:  Selected Data on Chaplains

The charts above and below are data selected from the survey.  The data below is from non-profit hospitals on chaplains.

Watson-Watson Survey 3:  Selected Data on Chaplains – Not-For-Profit

Additionally, only 12 hospitals reported chaplains in Texas, reflecting only 39 Chaplains;  of those, only 10 hospitals reported salary ranges of Avg. Min. 26.9, Avg. Mid. 34.3 and Avg. Max 41.5.[4]  Furthermore, in the listing for "US For-Profit Hospitals" 6 hospitals reported a Avg. Min. 31.7, Avg. Mid. 39.9 and Avg. Max 48.1.[5]

2.  Solucient’s 460 Hospitals that Made the 100 Top Hospitals List 
--  Compare Chaplaincy Market Study

The 460 hospitals that made HCIA 100 Top Hospitals list from 1993-2000 are “THE” most significant benchmark for hospitals in the world.  These hospitals are listed with the Watson-Wyatt Hospitals.  In the list, where Soluciant hospitals are listed, at the end of each winner are the years in which that particular hospital made the Top 100 list, followed by the number of years:  for instance, "Brigham & Women's Hospital  Boston, MA  1993-2000   8" means that it made the list all eight years, from 1993 to 2000, and "8" is the total number of years.

"Solucient was formed by the merger of health care information leaders - HCIA-Sachs and HBS International.  HCIA-Sachs made its mark providing strategic information, market intelligence, and clinical and financial analysis;  HBSI became the nation's most influential source of process and outcomes information and tools.  Solucient powers health care decisions for providers, payers, managed care organizations, large employers, pharmaceutical companies, and consultants.  Solucient maintains the industry's leading health care database, containing more than 96% of patient discharge records.  Serving a client base of more than 5,500 customers, the company provides information resources to more than 3,000 hospitals, as well as 18 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States."[6]

“The data used in the 100 Top Hospitals [1999] study come from HCIA’s hospital and DRG databases.  The hospital database contains more than 800 data elements for over 6,000 U.S. acute care and specialty hospitals.  Virtually every general acute care hospital with 25 or more beds in service is included in the database, as well as all hospitals with bonds rated by Standard & Poor’s Corporation.  The primary source of these data is the Medicare cost report, which is filed annually by every U.S. hospital that participates in the Medicare program.”[7]  

For the 1999 report, the study group included 1,266 small hospitals (25-99 acute beds), 1,074 medium hospitals (100-249 acute beds), 219 large community hospitals (250+ beds), 293 teaching hospitals and 94 major teaching hospitals.[8]  See these pages for more information:  http://www.100tophospitals.com/studies/downloads/100top99natl.pdf and View winners by state   

Solucient and their 100 Top Hospitals list are recognized worldwide for success benchmarking in healthcare.  They are the leaders.

3.  Combined Hospitals Lists & Observations  
--  Compare Chaplaincy Market Study

This combination follows this scheme.  The hospitals in "Black" type and in the Times Roman font are Solucient’s 460 hospitals that made the 100 Top Hospitals list 1993-2000.  The Watson-Wyatt 547 hospitals are in "Blue" type and in the Arial font. 

The few (37) hospitals in the Watson-Wyatt list that are also included in Solucient’s 100 Top Hospitals list are placed in "Red" and have ++ marker placed at the beginning.[9]  When there appears to be a doubt, without verification, credit was given and the Watson-Wyatt hospital was placed in "Red" with a "?" at the end.

The combined listing shows 1,005 hospitals.  Only 37 of the 547 hospitals in the Watson-Wyatt list are among Solucient’s 460 hospitals that made the 100 Top Hospitals.  Furthermore, and very relevant to Chaplain Professional Equity and the Pursuit of Excellence is that only one (1) Watson-Wyatt hospital was on the 100 Top Hospitals list AND in Texas too:  Parkland Hospital in Dallas. 

Therefore, the relevance of the Watson-Wyatt list in comparison with the other data in the fuller report on Chaplain Professional Equity is questionable at best.  When another question is asked, then the Texas State Auditor’s assessment comes into serious and ominous question. 

Why did the Texas State Auditor office chose to use the Watson-Wyatt Survey of “hospital chaplains” – as they did – and NOT look at the compensation for the Federal Bureau of Prison (FOBP), Veterans Administration (VA) and military compensation of chaplains? 

This is a most serious question.  The Texas Auditors used faxed returns from a small number of other state prisons and the Watson-Wyatt Survey to determine the TOTAL “market” for Texas chaplains.  The Texas assessment is bogus at best, insidious at worse:  one or the other, most likely the later, for we (I in particular) cannot believe they had no knowledge of the existence of the FBOP, VA or military. 

It should be so obvious to everyone that Texas Prison Chaplains[10] do a job far more similar to the FBOP and military than free world hospital chaplains.  A few chaplains met with representatives of the Texas State Auditors Office on Chaplain Professional Equity in early 2001 of the 77th Texas Legislature.  This meeting was facilitated at the direction of Rob Junnel when during the review of H.B. 2460 it became apparent that no one had really looked at the Chaplain Professional Equity proposal.[11]  That very serious and ominous question was clearly asked.  There was no reply.  None.  That was not good stewardship of public trust.


Introduction:  Watson-Wyatt v. Solucient
          Watson-Wyatt Survey 1:  Kinds of Hospitals Responding
          Watson-Wyatt Survey 2:  Selected Data on Chaplains
          Watson-Wyatt Survey 3:  Selected Data on Chaplains – Not-For-Profit
2.  Solucient’s 460 Hospitals that Made the 100 Top Hospitals List
3.  Combined Lists Hospitals and Observations:  REVIEW In ORDER
4.  Combined List of Hospitals

--  Compare Chaplaincy Market Study

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

4.  Combined List of Hospitals – KEY  --  Compare Chaplaincy Market Study

 - Watson-Wyatt 547 (Arial, Blue)
Solucient’s 460 (Times Roman, Black)
      of the Top 100 for 1993-2000
 - Watson-Wyatt in Top 100
(Arial, Red) w/ “++” marker  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Abbott-Northwestern Hospital  Minneapolis, MN  1993   1

Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center  Oak Lawn, IL  1998-2000   3

Akron General Medical Center  Akron, OH  1996   1

Albany Med. Center Hospital  Albany, NY  1994, 97-99   4

++ Albany Medical Center Hospital - Albany, NY

Alegent Health - Omaha, NE

All Children's Hospital - St. Petersburg, FL

Allenmore Hospital  Tacoma, WA  1998   1

Alta View Hospital  Sandy, UT  1993, 96, 98   3

Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation - New Orleans, LA

American Fork Hospital  American Fork, UT  1994, 97-99   4

American Oncology Resources - Houston, TX

American Red Cross - Baltimore, MD

American Red Cross - Derwood, MD

Antelope Valley Hospital - Lancaster, CA

Appleton Medical Center  Appleton, WI  1994, 1999-2000   3

Apria Healthcare Group, Inc. - Costa Mesa, CA

Asante Health System - Medford, OR

Association - Hagerstown, MD

Augusta Health Care, Inc.  Fishersville, VA  1997-98   2

Aultman Hospital  Canton, OH  1998-2000   3

Austin Medical Center  Austin, MN  2000   1

Aventura Hospital & Med. Ctr.  Aventura, FL  1995-97, 1999-2000   5

Baldwin Hospital  Baldwin, WI  1995-96   2

Ball Memorial Hospital  Muncie, IN  2000   1

Baptist Dekalb Hospital  Smithville, TN  1995-96, 1998-2000   5

Baptist Health Care - Pensacola, FL

Baptist Health System - Birmingham, AL

Baptist Health System - San Antonio, TX

++ Baptist Health Systems of South Florida - Miami, FL   ?

Baptist Hospital  Miami, FL  1999   1

Baptist Hospital  Nashville, TN  1995, 98   2

Baptist Hospital of E. Tennessee  Knoxville, TN  1997-2000   4

Baptist Medical Center  Jacksonville, FL  1996-97   2

++ Baptist/St. Vincent Health System - Jacksonville, FL   ?

Barstow Community Hospital  Barstow, CA  1996-97   2

Baton Rouge General Medical Center  Baton Rouge, LA  1994   1

Battle Creek Health System - Battle Creek, MI

Bay Medical Center - Panama City, FL

Bayfront Medical Center  St. Petersburg, FL  1998   1

Baylor College of Medicine - Houston, TX

Baylor Health Care Systems - Dallas, TX

Baylor Medical Center at Irving  Irving, TX  1993   1

Baystate Medical Center  Springfield, MA  1999   1

Beauregard Memorial Hospital - Deridder, LA

Beaver Dam Community Hospitals  Beaver Dam, WI  1997   1

++ Bellin Health System - Green Bay, WI

Bellin Memorial Hospital  Green Bay, WI  1993, 99   2

Berkshire Health Systems - Pittsfield, MA

Beth Israel Deaconess Med. Ctr.  Boston, MA  1994-97   4

Bethesda Memorial Hospital  Boynton Beach, FL  1994   1

Beverly Hospital  Beverly, MA  2000   1

Bingham Memorial Hospital - Blackfoot, ID

BJC Health System - St. Louis, MO

Blake Medical Center  Bradenton, FL  1995, 1997-2000   5

Boca Raton Community Hospital  Boca Raton, FL  1998   1

Botsford General Hospital - Farmington, MI

Bozeman Deaconess Health Services - Bozeman, MT

Brackenridge Hospital  Austin, TX  1996   1

Bradley County Memorial Hospital  Cleveland, TN  1993   1

Brandon Regional Hospital  Brandon, FL  1995-97, 1999-2000   5

Brandywine Health Systems - Coatesville, PA

Breckinridge Memorial Hospital  Hardinsburg, KY  1996   1

Brigham & Women's Hospital  Boston, MA  1993-2000   8

BroMenn HealthCare - Bloomington, IL

Buffalo Hospital  Buffalo, MN  1996, 99   2

Bulloch Memorial Hospital  Statesboro, GA  1999   1

Burgess Memorial Hospital  Onawa, IA  1995   1

Butler Hospital - Providence, RI

California Pacific Medical Center - San Francisco, CA

Cambridge Medical Center  Cambridge, MN  1993   1

Campbell County Memorial Hospital - Gillette, WY

Candler Hospital  Savannah, GA  1996   1

Cape Cod Hospital  Hyannis, MA  1997-99   3

Cape Coral Hospital  Cape Coral, FL  2000   1

Capitol Health System - Trenton, NJ

Cardinal Health, Inc. - Houston, TX

Care Alliance Health Services - Charleston, SC

Carilion Health System - Roanoke, VA

Carondelet Health Network - Tucson, AZ

Cascade Valley Hospital  Arlington, WA  1994   1

Castleview Hospital  Price, UT  1994-96, 1998-2000   6

Catherine McAuley Health Center - Ann Arbor, MI

Catholic Medical Center  Manchester, NH  1993   1

Cedars Medical Center  Miami, FL  1997-98   2

Centennial Medical Center  Nashville, TN  1997   1

Central Michigan Community Hospital  Mount Pleasant, MI  1993   1

Central Vermont Medical Center - Barre, VT

Central Virginia Training Center - Lynchburg, VA

++ Centura Health - Denver, CO

Centura Health - PSF - Colorado Springs, CO

Centura Health Mercy Medical Center - Durango, CO

Centura Health-St. Anthony Central Hospital  Denver, CO  1998   1

Charles Cole Memorial Hospital - Coudersport, PA

Charleston Area Medical Center - Charleston, WV

Chelsea Community Hospital  Chelsea, MI  1993   1

Cheshire Medical Center - Keene, NH

Children's Health Care Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN

Children's Health System - Milwaukee, WI

Children's Hospital - Columbus, OH

Children's Hospital - Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA

Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA

Children's Medical Center - Dayton, OH

Children's Memorial Hospital - Chicago, IL

Children's Mercy Hospital - Kansas City, MO

Chippenham/Johnston-Willis Hospital  Richmond, VA  1999   1

Christ Hospital  Cincinnati, OH  1993, 95, 98, 2000   4

Christiana Care Health Services  Wilmington, DE  2000   1

Christus Spohn Health System - Corpus Christi, TX

Christus St. Joseph's - Paris, TX

CIGNA Corporation - Atlanta, GA

CIGNA Corporation - Clearwater, FL

CIGNA Corporation - Columbus, OH

CIGNA Corporation - Dallas, TX

CIGNA Corporation - Grapevine, TX

CIGNA Corporation - Kansas City, MO

CIGNA Corporation - Keene, NH

CIGNA Corporation - Orlando, FL

CIGNA Corporation - Pasadena, TX

CIGNA Corporation - Phoenix, AZ

CIGNA Corporation - Tucson, AZ City of Houston - Department of

Citrus Memorial Hospital  Inverness, FL  1993, 98   2

Civil Service - Albany, NY New York State - Department of

Civil Service - Buffalo, NY New York State - Department of

Civil Service - Canton, NY New York State - Department of

Civil Service - Hauppauge, NY New York State - Department of

Civil Service - New York, NY New York State - Department of

Civil Service - Poughkeepsie, NY

Civil Service - Rochester, NY New York State - Department of

Civil Service - Spring Valley, NY New York State - Department of

Civil Service - Syracuse, NY New York State - Department of

Civil Service - Watertown, NY

Civista Medical Center - La Plata, MD

Clarian Health Partners - Indianapolis, IN

Clear Lake Reg. Med. Ctr.  Webster, TX  1996-99   4

Clearwater County Memorial Hospital  Bagley, MN  1998   1

Cleveland Clinic Foundation  Cleveland, OH  1994-98, 2000   6

Columbia Bayshore Medical Center  Pasadena, TX  1997   1

Columbia Bourbon Community  Paris, KY  1997-98   2

Columbia Brigham City Community Hospital  Brigham City, UT  1995-96   2

Columbia Coliseum Medical Center  Macon, GA  1995   1

Columbia Colleton Medical Center  Walterboro, SC  1997   1

Columbia Comm. Hospital Georgetown  Georgetown, KY  1997-98   2

Columbia Gulf Coast Hospital  Fort Myers, FL  1996-97   2

Columbia Horizon Medical Center  Dickson, TN  1995   1

Columbia Hospital Maysville  Maysville, KY  1995, 98-99   3

Columbia Kendall Med. Center  Miami, FL  1995-98   4

Columbia Lake Cumberland Reg. Hospital  Somerset, KY  1997   1

Columbia Lakeview Hospital  Bountiful, UT  1996   1

Columbia Metro West Medical Center  Natick, MA  1995-96   2

Columbia Michael Reese Hospital  Chicago, IL  1995   1

Columbia Mountain View Hospital  Payson, UT  1995, 97   2

Columbia North Florida Regional Medical Center  Gainesville, FL  1994-95, 1997-2000   6

Columbia Northwest Medical Center  Margate, FL  1996   1

Columbia Orange Park Medical Center  Orange Park, FL  1996   1

Columbia Pompano Beach Med. Center  Pompano Beach, FL  1995   1

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital  Oklahoma City, OK  1997   1

Columbia River Park Hospital  McMinnville, TN  1995   1

Columbia Riverton Memorial Hospital  Riverton, WY  1995   1

Columbia St. Mary's, Inc. - Milwaukee, WI

Columbia University Hospital  Tamarac, FL  1995-96   2

Columbia Willamette Valley Med. Ctr.  McMinnville, OR  1995-96, 98   3

Com. Hospital of New Port Richey  New Port Richey, FL  1995-98, 2000   5

Comm. Hospital of Wickenburg  Wickenburg, AZ  1994-96   3

Comm./Mission Hospitals of Huntington Park  Huntington Pk., CA  1996-97   2

Community Hospital Anderson  Anderson, IN  1993   1

Community Hospital Medical Center  Phoenix, AZ  1995   1

Community Hospital of Anaconda  Anaconda, MT  1997   1

Community Hospital of Ottawa  Ottawa, IL  1994   1

Community Hospitals Indianapolis - Indianapolis, IN

Community Memorial Hospital  Hicksville, OH  1994   1

Community Memorial Hospital  Menomonee Falls, WI  1993   1

Condell Medical Center - Libertyville, IL

Continuum Services - New York, NY

Cook Area Health Services, Inc. - Cook, MN

Cookeville Regional Medical Center - Cookeville, TN

Copley Memorial Hospital - Aurora, IL

Copper Basin Medical Center  Copperhill, TN  1995, 97   2

Corona Regional Medical Center - Corona, CA

Cortland Memorial Hospital - Cortland, NY

Cottonwood Hospital Medical Center  Murray, UT  1993, 1999-2000   3

Covenant Medical Center - Waterloo. IA

++ Cox Health Systems - Springfield, MO

Cox Health Systems  Springfield, MO  1996-97   2

Crossroads Community Hospital  Mt. Vernon, IL  1996-98   3

Culpeper Memorial Hospital  Culpeper, VA  1995   1

Cumberland Medical Center  Crossville, TN  1998   1

Cumberland River Hospital  Celina, TN  1997   1

Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

CVPH Medical Center - Plattsburgh, NY

Danville Medical Center - Danville, VA

Deaconess Billings Clinic - Billings, MT

Deaconess Hospital  Evansville, IN  1995-96   2

Deaconess Medical Center  Spokane, WA  1993   1

Dean Health Systems - Madison, WI

Dearborn County Hospital - Lawrenceburg, IN

Decatur Memorial Hospital - Decatur, IL

Detroit Medical Center - Detroit, MI

Doctors Hospital  Augusta, GA  2000   1

Doctors Memorial Hospital  Perry, FL  1997   1

Donalsonville Hospital  Donalsonville, GA   1999   1

Downtown Worcester Hospital  Worcester, MA  2000   1

Doylestown Hospital - Doylestown, PA

Driscoll Childrens Hospital - Corpus Christi, TX

Drs. Hill & Thomas Company - Beachwood, OH

DuBois Regional Medical Center  DuBois, PA  1993   1

DuPage County - Wheaton, IL

Earl K Long Memorial Hospital - Baton Rouge, LA

East Houston Regional Medical Center  Houston, TX  1995   1

East Texas Medical Center Tyler  Tyler, TX  1997-98   2

East Texas Medical Center at Quitman  Quitman, TX  1996   1

East Valley Regional Health System - Chandler, AZ

Eastern Plumas Health Care - Portola, CA

El Camino Hospital  Mountain View, CA  1993-94   2

Elizabeth General Medical Center - Elizabeth, NJ

Elkhart General Hospital - Elkhart, IN

EMH Regional Medical Center  Elyria, OH  1993-94, 98, 2000   4

Emory University Hospital  Atlanta, GA  1994   1

Empire Health Services - Spokane, WA

Enumclaw Community Hospital  Enumclaw, WA  2000   1

Episcopal Retirement Homes - Cincinnati, OH

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare  Evanston, IL  1994-2000   7

Exempla Lutheran Med. Ctr.  Wheat Ridge, CO  1993-94, 96, 98   4

Exempla St. Joseph Hospital  Denver, CO  1993-94, 97, 99   4

Express Scripts/Value Rx - Albuquerque, NM

Express Scripts/Value Rx - Baltimore, MD

Express Scripts/Value Rx - Houston, TX

Express Scripts/Value Rx - Irving, TX

Express Scripts/Value Rx - Maryland Heights, MO

Express Scripts/Value Rx - Minneapolis, MN

Express Scripts/Value Rx - Northvale, NJ

Express Scripts/Value Rx - Tempe, AZ

Express Scripts/Value Rx - Troy, NY

Express Scripts/Value Rx - West Chester, PA

Fairview Lakes Hospital  Wyoming, MN  1995   1

Fairview Park Hospital  Dublin, GA  2000   1

Fairview Ridges Hospital  Burnsville, MN  1993, 98   2

Fairview Southdale Hospital  Edina, MN  1993, 97   2

Fairview University Medical Center  Minneapolis, MN  1993   1

Fayette Medical Clinic - Fayetteville, GA

Fellowship Hall, Inc. - Greensboro, NC

Fentress County General Hospital  Jamestown, TN  1995-98   4

Finley Hospital  Dubuque, IA  1993   1

Fletcher Allen HealthCare - Burlington, VT

Flint River Community Hospital  Montezuma, GA  1996   1

Florida Medical Center  Fort Lauderdale, FL  2000   1

Floyd Memorial Hospital  New Albany, IN  1993   1

Forrest General Hospital - Hattiesburg, MS

Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center  Fountain Valley, CA  1996   1

Frank T. Rutherford Memorial Hospital  Carthage, TN  1996-97   2

Franklin Regional Medical Center  Louisburg, NC  1995-96   2

Frederick Memorial Hospital - Frederick, MD

Freeman & Health System - Joplin, MO

Fresenius Medical Care NA - Atlanta, GA

Fresenius Medical Care NA - Dallas, TX

Fresenius Medical Care NA - Houston, TX

Fresenius Medical Care NA - Miami, FL

Fresenius Medical Care NA - New Orleans, LA

Fresenius Medical Care NA - Philadelphia, PA

Fresenius Medical Care NA - Phoenix, AZ

Fresenius Medical Care NA - Pittsburgh, PA

Fresenius Medical Care NA - San Diego, CA

Fresenius Medical Care NA - Washington, DC

Friendly Home - Rochester, NY

Garfield Medical Center  Monterey Park, CA  1997-98   2

GBMC Healthcare, Inc. - Baltimore, MD

Geisinger Medical Center  Danville, PA  1997-98   2

General Health Systems - Baton Rouge, LA

Genesis Medical Center - Davenport, IA

Georgia Baptist Health Care System - Atlanta, GA

Georgia Baptist Health Care System -
Baptist Meriwether Hospital - Warm Springs, GA

Georgia Baptist Health Care System -
Baptist North Hospital - Cumming, GA

Georgia Baptist Health Care System -
Baptist Worth Hospital - Sylvester, GA

Georgia Baptist Medical Center/Tenet - Atlanta, GA

Georgia Merit System - Augusta, GA

Georgia Merit System - Columbus, GA

Georgia Merit System - Decatur, GA

Georgia Merit System - Gracewood, GA

Georgia Merit System - Milledgeville, GA

Georgia Merit System - Rome, GA

Georgia Merit System - Savannah, GA

Georgia Merit System - Thomasville, GA

Georgia Merit System - Warm Springs, GA

Gerber Memorial Health Services  Fremont, MI  1993, 99   2

Glades General Hospital - Belle Glade, FL

Glens Falls Hospital - Glens Falls, NY

++ Good Samaritan Hospital - Dayton, OH

Good Samaritan Hospital Corvallis  Corvallis, OR  1993   1

Good Samaritan Hospital  Dayton, OH  2000   1

Good Samaritan Medical Center - West Palm Beach, FL

Good Samaritan Medical Center  San Jose, CA  1995   1

Good Shepherd Hospital - Allentown, PA

Good Shepherd Medical Center  Longview, TX  1999   1

Goodland Regional Medical Center  Goodland, KS  1996   1

Grady Health Systems - Atlanta, GA

Grande Ronde Hospital  La Grande, OR  1993-94   2

Grandview Medical Center  Jasper, TN  1997   1

Grant Riverside Methodist Hospitals  Columbus, OH  1996-97   2

Grant/Riverside Methodist Hospital - Columbus, OH

Great Plains Regional Medical Center - North Platte, NE

Greater Baltimore Medical Center  Baltimore, MD  1993   1

Greater Community Hospital  Creston, IA  1993   1

Greenville Hospital System - Greenville, SC

Gritman Medical Center  Moscow, ID  1994   1

Group Health Cooperative - Madison, WI

Gulf Coast Medical Center  Panama City, FL  1995, 99   2

Gundersen Lutheran  La Crosse, WI  1997   1

H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center - Tampa, FL

Hackley Hospital - Muskegon, MI

Halifax Medical Center - Daytona Beach, FL

Hamilton Medical Center  Dalton, GA  1995-96   2

Hammond Clinic LLC - Munster, IN

Hamot Medical Center  Erie, PA  2000   1

Harlan ARH  Harlan, KY  1998   1

Harris County Hospital District  Houston, TX  1994-95   2

Harris Methodist Hospital Ft. Worth  Ft. Worth, TX  1994-99   6

Harrison Memorial Hospital  Bremerton, WA  1996   1

Hartford Hospital  Hartford, CT  1996-98, 2000   4

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care - Brookline, MA

HCA Hendersonville Hospital and Medical Center  Hendersonville, TN  1995-96, 2000   3

Health & Mental Retardation - Chesapeake, VA

Health Center - Bridgeton, MO SSM Health Care St. Louis - St. Joseph

Health Center - St. Louis, MO

Health First, Inc. - Cocoa Beach, FL

Health Services - Hershey, PA

Health Services Advisory Group - Phoenix, AZ

HealthAlliance Hospitals - Fitchburg, MA

Healthcare Organizations - V illa Park, IL

HealthEast - St. Paul, MN

Healtheast St. John's NE Hospital  Maplewood, MN  1994   1

HealthSouth Corporation - Albuquerque, NM

Helix Health C/O HHC - Baltimore, MD

Helix Health C/O HHC - Lutherville Timonium, MD

Hemet Valley Medical Center  Hemet, CA  1999   1

Hendrick Health System - Abilene, TX

Henry County - Martinsville, VA

Henry County Health Center  Mount Pleasant, IA  1994   1

Henry Ford Health System - Detroit, MI

Heritage Hospital  Tarboro, NC  1995-97   3

Hillcrest Hospital  Mayfield Heights, OH  1995-96, 1998-2000   5

Hillsboro Area Hospital  Hillsboro, IL  1998   1

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian  Newport Beach, CA 993-94   2

Hollywood Medical Center  Hollywood, FL  1995   1

Hospital - St. Louis, MO SSM Health Care St. Louis - St. Marys

Hospital & Clinics - Madison, WI

Hospital & Regional Trauma Center - Duluth, MN

Hospital for Special Surgery - New York, NY

Hospital of St. Raphael  New Haven, CT  1998-99   2

Hospital of the Univ. of Pennsylvania  Philadelphia, PA  1995   1

House of Good Samaritan - Watertown, NY

Houston Northwest Medical Center  Houston, TX  2000   1

Howard Young Medical Center  Woodruff, WI  1993   1

Hubbard Regional Hospital  Webster, MA  2000   1

Huntsville Hospital - Huntsville, AL

Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital - Boise, ID

Indian Path Medical Center  Kingsport, TN  1999   1

Indian River Memorial Hospital - Vero Beach, FL

Indiana University Medical Center  Indianapolis, IN  1993   1

Infirmary Health Systems - Mobile, AL

Ingham Regional Medical Center - Lansing, MI

Inland Valley Regional Medical Center  Wildomar, CA  1994   1

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital  Fairfax, VA  1999   1

Inova Fairfax Hospital  Falls Church, VA  1993, 1995, 1997-2000   6

Integris Health - Oklahoma City, OK

Intercoastal Health Systems - West Palm Beach, FL Intercoastal Health Systems -

Intermountain Health Care, Inc. - Logan, UT

Intermountain Health Care, Inc. - Ogden, UT

Intermountain Health Care, Inc. - Pocatello, ID Joint Commission on Accreditation of

Intermountain Health Care, Inc. - Provo, UT

Intermountain Health Care, Inc. - Salt Lake City, UT Intermountain Health Care, Inc. - St. George, UT Intermountain Health Care, Inc. -

Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital - Bath, NY

Itasca Medical Center  Grand Rapids, MN  2000   1

Ivinson Memorial Hospital  Laramie, WY  1993   1

Jackson County HealthCare Authority - Scottsboro, AL

Jamestown Hospital  Jamestown, ND  1993   1

Jewish Hospital Health Systems - Louisville, KY

JFK Medical Center  Atlantis, FL  1995, 2000   2

John C Lincoln Health Network - Phoenix, AZ

++ Johns Hopkins Hospital - Baltimore, MD

Johns Hopkins Hospital  Baltimore, MD  1993-94   2

++ Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD   ?

JPS Health Network - Fort Worth, TX

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital - Dixon, IL

++ Kennedy Health System - Cherry Hill, NJ

Kennedy Memorial Hospital  Cherry Hill, NJ  2000   1

++ Kettering Medical Center - Dayton, OH

Kettering Medical Center  Kettering, OH  2000   1

Kingman Regional Medical Center - Kingman, AZ

Knox Community Hospital  Mount Vernon, OH  1996   1

Kuakini Medical Center - Honolulu, HI

Lake Forest Hospital - Lake Forest, IL

Lake Mead Hospital Medical Center - North Las Vegas, NV

Lake Pointe Medical Center  Rowlett, TX  1996   1

Lakeland Regional Medical Center - Lakeland, FL

Lakeview Community Hospital  Eufaula, AL  1993   1

Lakewood Regional Medical Center  Lakewood, CA  1993   1

Lancaster Community Hospital  Lancaster, CA  1996   1

Lancaster General Hospital - Lancaster, PA

Lancaster General Hospital  Lancaster, PA  1997-2000   4

Lancaster Memorial Hospital  Lancaster, WI  1994   1

Lane Memorial Hospital - Zachary, LA Louisiana - Department Civil Service -

Lanier Health Services  Valley, AL  1998   1

Largo Medical Center  Largo, FL  1994-95, 97, 2000   4

Latrobe Area Hospital  Latrobe, PA  1997   1

Lawrence Memorial Hospital - Lawrence, KS

LDS Hospital  Salt Lake City, UT  1993   1

Lebanon Community Hospital  Lebanon, OR  1993-94   2

Lee County Community Hospital  Pennington Gap, VA  1996   1

Lee Memorial Hospital  Fort Myers, FL  1994   1

Leesburg Regional Med. Ctr.  Leesburg, FL  1996-2000   5

Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital & MC  Portland, OR  1993   1

Legacy Meridian Park Hospital  Tualatin, OR  1994   1

Lenox Hill Hospital - New York, NY

Licking Memorial Hospital  Newark, OH  1998-2000   3

LifePath Hospice - Tampa, FL

Lincoln County Medical Center  Ruidoso, NM  1994   1

Little Company of Mary Health Services - Harbor City, CA

Little Company of Mary Health Services - San Pedro, CA

++ Little Company of Mary Health Services - Torrance, CA

Little Company of Mary Hospital  Torrance, CA  1993   1

Llano Memorial Healthcare System  Llano, TX  1994-95   2

Logan Regional Hospital  Logan, UT  2000   1

Loma Linda University Medical Center - Loma Linda, CA

Lookout Memorial Hospital  Spearfish, SD  1996   1

Loudoun Hospital Center  Leesburg, VA  1993   1

Lourdes Health Network - Pasco, WA

Loyola University Medical Center - Chicago, IL

Lutheran General Hospital  Park Ridge, IL  1995-96, 1998-2000   5

Lutheran Home - Erie, PA

Mac Neal Health Network - Berwyn, IL

MacNeal Hospital  Berwyn, IL  1993, 96   2

Madison Memorial Hospital  Rexburg, ID  1993   1

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital - Lincoln, NE

Main Line Health - Bryn Mawr, PA

Maine Medical Center - Portland, ME

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital  Hamilton, MT  1994   1

Marianjoy Rehabilitation Center - Wheaton. IL

Maricopa County - Phoenix, AZ

Marion General Hospital  Marion, IN  1993   1

Marshfield Clinic - Marshfield, WI

Martha Jefferson Hospital  Charlottesville, VA  2000   1

Martin Memorial Health System  Stuart, FL  1998-99   2

++ Martin Memorial Health Systems - Stuart, FL

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center - Baton Rouge, LA

Mary Free Bed Hospital - Grand Rapids, MI

Mary Greeley Medical Center - Ames, IA

Matria Healthcare, Inc. - Marietta, GA

Maury Regional Hospital  Columbia, TN  1993   1

Mayo Clinic Scottsdale - Scottsdale, AZ Medical Center of Louisiana at

McAllen Medical Center  McAllen, TX  1997-99   3

M-Care, Inc. - Ann Arbor, MI

McDonough District Hospital - Macomb, IL

McLaren Regional Medical Center  Flint, MI  2000   1

Meadowview Regional Hospital - Maysville, KY

Mease Countryside Hospital  Safety Harbor, FL  1997, 1999-2000   3

Medical Center - Baton Rouge, LA

Medical Center - Mission Viejo, CA

Medical Center - Philadelphia, PA University of Rochester - Strong

Medical Center - Tallahassee, FL

Medical Center Enterprise  Enterprise, AL  2000   1

Medical Center of Central Georgia - Macon, GA

Medical Center of Central Georgia  Macon, GA  1993   1

Medical Center of Plano  Plano, TX  1998   1

Medical Center of SE Oklahoma  Durant, OK  1995-2000   6

Medical City Dallas Hospital  Dallas, TX  1995   1

Medical College of Ohio - Toledo, OH

Medical College of Virginia Hospital  Richmond, VA  1997   1

Medical System - Baltimore, MD University of Pennsylvania

Medical University of SC Medical Center  Charleston, SC  1996-97   2

Medpartners Health First - Memphis, TN Memorial Hospital - Martinsville/

Memorial Health Alliance - Mount Holly, NJ

Memorial Health Systems - South Bend, IN

Memorial Hermann Hospital  Houston, TX  1995-96   2

Memorial Hospital - Rochester, NY

Memorial Hospital  Chattanooga, TN  1998   1

Memorial Hospital  Manchester, KY  2000   1

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport - Gulfport, MS

Memorial Hospital Jacksonville  Jacksonville, FL  1997-2000   4

Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County  Darlington, WI  1995   1

Memorial Hospital System  Houston, TX  1996, 99   2

Memorial Medical Center  Ashland, WI  1993   1

Memorial Medical Center, Inc. - Savannah, GA

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - New York, NY

Mercy General Hospital  Sacramento, CA  1997   1

++ Mercy Health Center - Oklahoma City, OK

Mercy Health Center  Laredo, TX  1997   1

Mercy Health Center  Oklahoma City, OK  1993-94   2

Mercy Health Services - Port Huron, MI

Mercy Health System Corp.  Janesville, WI  1993   1

Mercy Hospital - Iowa City, IA

Mercy Hospital - Pittsburgh, PA

Mercy Hospital - Portland, ME

Mercy Hospital  Coon Rapids, MN  1994   1

Mercy Hospital Port Huron  Port Huron, MI  1993   1

Mercy Hospital & Medical Center  San Diego, CA  2000   1

Mercy Hospital Anderson  Cincinnati, OH  1999-2000   2

Mercy Medical Center - Redding, CA Mission Hospital Regional

Mercy Medical Center  Baltimore, MD  1996   1

Mercy Medical Center  Springfield, OH  1996   1

MeritCare Health System - Fargo, ND

Meriter Health Services. Inc. - Madison, WI

Mesa General Hospital  Mesa, AZ  1997   1

Mesa Lutheran Hospital  Mesa, AZ  1995-96   2

Mesquite Community Hospital  Mesquite, TX  1995   1

Methodist Health Care - Houston, TX

Methodist Hospital  St Louis Park, MN  2000   1

Methodist Hospital of Southern Calif  Arcadia, CA  1993   1

Methodist Hospitals of Memphis  Memphis, TN  1997   1

Methodist Richard Young - Omaha, NE

MetroHealth Medical Center - Cleveland, OH

Metropolitan Hospital - Grand Rapids, MI

Miami Valley Hospital - Dayton, OH

Miami Valley Hospital  Dayton, OH  1997   1

Mid Coast Health Services - Brunswick, ME

Middletown Regional Hospital  Middletown, OH  1998-99   2

Milford Whitinsville Regional Hospital  Milford, MA  1999-2000   2

Mills Peninsula Health Services  Burlingame, CA  1998-99   2

Minnesota Masonic Home - Minneapolis, MN

Mission St Joseph's Health System  Asheville, NC  1994   1

Mission St. Joseph's Hospital - Asheville, NC

Mississippi Baptist Health System - Jackson, MS

Monongalia General Hospital - Morgantown, WV

Montgomery General Hospital - Olney, MD

Montrose Memorial Hospital  Montrose, CO  1993   1

Moore Regional Hospital  Pinehurst, NC  1995   1

Morehead Memorial Hospital  Eden, NC  1993   1

Morris Hospital  Morris, IL  1993   1

Morton Plant Hospital  Clearwater, FL  1999-2000   2

Mt. Carmel Hospital  Colville, WA  1994   1

Mt. Graham Community Hospital  Safford, AZ  1995-97   3

Munroe Regional Medical Center  Ocala, FL  1999   1

Munson Medical Center  Traverse City, MI  1993, 1997-2000   5

Muskogee Regional Medical Center - Muskogee, OK

Myrtle Werth Hospital  Menomonie, WI  1994   1

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital - Nacogdoches, TX

Nebraska Methodist Hospital - Omaha, NE Nebraska Methodist Hospital -

NeighborCare - Whippany, NJ New York State - Department of

Nemours Children's Clinic - Pensacola, FL

New Hanover Regional Medical Center - Wilmington, NC

New London Medical Center  New London, WI  1995-96, 2000   3

Newton Wellesley Hospital  Newton, MA  1994   1

Niobrara Valley Hospital  Lynch, NE  1995   1

North Arkansas Regional Medical Center  - Harrison, AR

North Broward Hospital District - Fort Lauderdale, FL

North Carolina Office of State Personnel - Raleigh, NC

North Health Center - Dayton, OH

North Iowa Mercy Health Center - Mason City, IA

Northeast Georgia Health System - Gainesville, GA

Northfield City Hospital  Northfield, MN  1999   1

Northwest Community Healthcare - Arlington Heights, IL

Northwest Covenant Health System - Denville, NJ

Northwest Hospital  Seattle, WA  1994   1

Northwestern Memorial Hospital  Chicago, IL  1997-98   2

Oakdale Community Hospital  Oakdale, LA  1998   1

Oaklawn Hospital  Marshall, MI  1994   1

Ochsner Clinic - New Orleans, LA

Ochsner Clinic of Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge, LA

O'Connor Hospital  San Jose, CA  1994

Ohio State University Hospital  Columbus, OH  1993-95, 2000   4

++ Ohio State University Medical Center - Columbus, OH   ?

Ohio Valley Medical Center, Inc. - Wheeling, WV

Optima Healthcare - Manchester, NH

Orlando Reg. Healthcare System  Orlando, FL  1995-96, 98   3

++ Orlando Regional Healthcare System - Orlando, FL

Osborne County Memorial Hospital  Osborne, KS  1995   1

Othello Community Hospital  Othello, WA  1995   1

Otsego Memorial Hospital  Gaylord, MI  1999-2000   2

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center - Lafayette, LA Our Lady of the Lake Regional

Our Lady of the Way Hospital  Martin, KY  1999   1

Owensboro Mercy Health System - Owensboro, KY

Ozarks Medical Center - West Plains, MO

Pacificare Health Systems - Santa Ana, CA

Palmetto General Hospital  Hialeah, FL  1997-2000   4

Palms of Pasadena Hospital  St. Petersburg, FL  2000   1

Palms West Hospital  Loxahatchee, FL  1995, 2000   2

Paradise Valley Hospital  Phoenix, AZ  1997, 2000   2

++ Parkland Health & Hospital System - Dallas, TX

Parkland Health and Hospital Systems  Dallas, TX  2000   1

Parkland Medical Center  Derry, NH  1995   1

Parkview Community Hospital  Riverside, CA  1993

++ Parkview Hospital - Fort Wayne, IN

Parkview Memorial Hospital  Fort Wayne, IN  1996   1

Parkview Regional Hospital  Mexia, TX  1996   1

Parkway Regional Medical Center  N. Miami Beach, FL  1994, 98   2

Pasco Community Hospital  Dade City, FL  1997   1

PeaceHealth Oregon Region - Eugene, OR

Pennock Hospital - Hastings, MI

Pennsylvania Hospital - Philadelphia, PA Pennsylvania State Geisinger

Penrose St. Francis Healthcare  Colorado Springs, CO  1998   1

Perry Memorial Hospital  Perry, OK  1994   1

Phoenix Children's Hospital - Phoenix, AZ

Piedmont Hospital - Atlanta, GA

Pikeville Methodist Hospital - Pikeville, KY

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health - Grand Rapids, MI

Plumas District Hospital  Quincy, CA  1997

++ Pomona Valley Hospital - Pomona, CA

Pomona Valley Hospital Med. Ctr.  Pomona, CA  1996, 1998-2000   4

Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital - Pontiac, MI

Portland Adventist Medical Center  Portland, OR  1993   1

Potomac Hospital  Woodbridge, VA  1994   1

Poudre Valley Hospital  Fort Collins, CO  1994   1

Powell Hospital & Nursing Home  Powell, WY  1997, 99   2

++ Presbyterian Healthcare Services - Albuquerque, NM

Presbyterian Healthcare Services  Albuquerque, NM  1993   1

Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas  Dallas, TX  1996   1

Primary Childrens SLC - Salt Lake City, UT

Princeton Community Hospital - Princeton, WV

Providence Center - Providence, RI

Providence Everett Medical Center  Everett, WA  1993-94   2

Providence Health System - Anchorage, AK

Providence Hospital - Columbia, SC

Providence Hospital  Southfield, MI  1996   1

Providence Milwaukie Hospital  Milwaukie, OR  1994   1

Providence Portland Medical Center  Portland, OR  1993-94, 1999-2000   4

Providence St. Joseph Medical Center  Burbank, CA  1998   1

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center  Portland, OR  1993-94, 1998-2000   5

Punxsutawney Area Hospital, Inc  Punxsutawney, PA  1998-99   2

Putnam Community Medical Center  Palatka, FL  1998   1

QIPRO -  - San Juan, PR

Queen of Angels/HPMC  Los Angeles, CA  1996   1

Queen of the Valley Hospital  West Covina, CA  1993   1

Queens Medical Center - Honolulu, HI

Quest Diagnostics, Inc. - Teterboro, NJ

Quorum Health Group - Brentwood, TN

R.E. Thomason General Hospital  El Paso, TX  1995-96   2

Rapides Regional Medical Center  Alexandria, LA  1997   1

Reading Hospital & Medical Center - Reading, PA

Reading Hospital & Medical Center  West Reading, PA  1998   1

Regina Medical Complex - Hastings, MN

Regional Medical CenterBayonet Point  Hudson, FL  1995, 1998-2000   4

Rehab Visions - Omaha, NE

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago - Chicago, IL

Resources Services - Lexington, KY

Rex Healthcare - Raleigh, NC

++ Rhode Island - Providence, RI   ?

Rhode Island Hospital  Providence, RI  1997   1

Rice County District One Hospital  Faribault, MN  1993   1

Riverview Regional Medical Center  Gadsden, AL  1997   1

Rochester Methodist Hospital  Rochester, MN  1994-97, 99   5

Rockdale Health System - Conyers, GA

Roger Williams General Hospital  Providence, RI  1998   1

Rogue Valley Medical Center  Medford, OR  1994   1

Rush Medical Center - Chicago, IL

Russellville Hospital  Russellville, AL  1998   1

Rutland Regional Medical Center - Rutland, VT

Sacred Heart Health System - Pensacola, FL

Sacred Heart Medical Center  Eugene, OR  1993-94   2

Sacred Heart Medical Center  Spokane, WA  1994   1

Salem Hospital  Salem, OR  1994   1

Samaritan Health System - Phoenix, AZ

Samaritan Health System –
Desert Samaritan Medical Center - Mesa, AZ

Samaritan Health System –
Thunderbird Samaritan Medical Center  - Glendale, AZ

Samaritan Hospital  Moses Lake, WA  1994   1

San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center  Alamosa, CO  1994   1

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center - Mattoon, IL

Sarasota Memorial Hospital - Sarasota, FL

Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital  Prairie Du Sac, WI  2000   1

Science Center - Houston, TX

Scott County Hospital  Scott City, KS  1997   1

Scottsdale Healthcare - Scottsdale, AZ

Sentara Health System - Virginia Beach, VA

Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital  Virginia Beach, VA  2000   1

Seton Health Care Network - Austin, TX

Seton Medical Center/DCHSA  Austin, TX  1994   1

Seven Rivers Community Hospital  Crystal River, FL  1999   1

Shelby Memorial Hospital  Shelbyville, IL  1998-2000   3

Sheltering Arms Rehabilitation Hospital - Richmond. VA

Sierra Kings Health Care District  Reedley, CA  1994   1

Sinai Hospital, Inc. - Baltimore, MD

++ Sioux Valley Hospital - Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Valley Hospital  Sioux Falls, SD  1993-94   2

Sisters IHM - Monroe, MI

Sisters of Charity / Jasper Mem. Hosp.  Jasper, TX  1997   1

Sisters of Mercy Health System - St. Louis, MO

SMDC Health System - Duluth, MN

SMDC Health System  Duluth, MN  1994-95, 97, 99   4

Sonora Community Hospital  Sonora, CA  1998   1

South Fulton Medical Center  East Point, GA  1993   1

South Miami Hospital  South Miami, FL  1999   1

Southeast Georgia Regional Medical - Brunswick, GA

Southern Maine Medical Center - Biddeford, ME

Southwest General Health Center  Middleburg Heights, OH  1993   1

Southwest Washington Medical Center  Vancouver, WA  1994, 1999-2000   3

++ Sparrow Health System - Lansing, MI

Sparrow Health System  Lansing, MI  1999   1

Spartanburg Regional Medical Center - Spartanburg, SC

Speare Memorial Hospital - Plymouth, NH

Spectrum Health Downtown  Grand Rapids, MI  1994-95, 1998-2000   5

Spectrum Health East Campus  Grand Rapids, MI  1994-97   4

Spring Branch Medical Center  Houston, TX  1999   1

SSM Health Care St. Louis - Lake St. Louis, MO

SSM Health Care St. Louis - St. Charles, MO

SSM Health Care St. Louis - St. Louis, MO

SSM Health Care St. Louis – Cardinal
Glennor Children’s Hospital - St. Louis, MO

SSM Health Care St. Louis - DePaul
Health Center - Bridgeton, MO

SSM Health Care St. Louis – St.Joseph Hospital - St. Louis, MO

St. Agnes HealthCare  Baltimore, MD  1995   1

++ St. Agnes Medical Center - Fresno, CA

St. Agnes Medical Center  Fresno, CA  1996

St. Alexius Medical Center  Hoffman Estates, IL  1999   1

St. Anthony North Hospital  Westminster, CO  1997-98   2

St. Benedict Health Center  Parkston, SD  1995   1

St. Benedict's Family Medical Center  Jerome, ID  1998-99   2

St. Charles Medical Center  Bend, OR  1993-94   2

St. Clare Hospital  Tacoma, WA  1999   1

St. Cloud Hospital - St. Cloud, MN

St. Cloud Hospital  St. Cloud, MN  1993-94, 99   3

++ St. Elizabeth Community Health Center - Lincoln, NE

St. Elizabeth Community Health Center  Lincoln, NE  1993   1

St. Elizabeth Medical Center  Covington, KY  1997   1

St. Francis Hospital - Columbus, GA

St. Francis Hospital  Federal Way, WA  1999-2000   2

St. Francis Hospital  Tulsa, OK  1993   1

St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center  Hartford, CT  1997-98, 2000   3

St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center  Topeka, KS  1994, 96   2

St. John Health System - Grosse Pointe, MI

St. John Medical Center  Longview, WA  1993   1

St. Johns Health System - Anderson, IN

St. John's Mercy Hospital  Washington, MO  1995, 1998-2000   4

St. John's Mercy Medical Center  St. Louis, MO  1998-2000   3

St. John's Regional Health Center  Salina, KS  1993   1

St. John's Regional Health Center Springfield, MO  1993-94   2

St. Johns Regional Medical Center - Joplin, MO

St. Joseph Health Center  Warren, OH  2000   1

St. Joseph Health Services - Providence, RI

St. Joseph Healthcare System - Albuquerque, NM

St. Joseph Hospital - Lancaster, PA

St. Joseph Hospital - Lexington, KY

St. Joseph Hospital-West  Lake St Louis, MO  2000   1

St. Joseph Medical Center  Tacoma, WA  1994-99   6

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital  Ann Arbor, MI  1996, 99   2

St. Joseph's Hospital - Atlanta, GA Tallahassee Memorial Regional

St. Joseph's Hospital  Parkersburg, WV  2000   1

St. Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta  Atlanta, GA  1993   1

St. Joseph's Medical Center - Stockton, CA

St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center - South Bend, IN

St. Louis University - St. Louis, MO

St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital - Houston, TX

St. Lukes Health System - Sioux City, IA

St. Lukes Hospital - Cedar Rapids, IA

St. Luke's Hospital - Duluth, MN

St. Luke's Hospital - Kansas City, MO

St. Luke's Hospital  Bethlehem, PA  1997   1

St. Luke's Hospital  Chesterfield, MO  1996, 2000   2

St. Luke's Hospital  New Bedford, MA  1995-96   2

St. Luke's Hospital - St. Luke's
Hospital & Regional Trauma Center - Duluth, MN

St. Luke's Medical Center  Milwaukee, WI  1993   1

St. Lukes Regional Medical Center - Boise, ID

St. Luke's Regional Medical Center  Boise, ID  1993-95   3

St. Mark's Hospital  Salt Lake City, UT  1994   1

St. Mary Medical Center - Langhorne, PA

St. Mary Medical Center  Walla Walla, WA  1993   1

St. Marys Health Network - Reno, NV

St. Mary's Hospital - Amsterdam, NY

St. Mary's Hospital  Cottonwood, ID  1995, 2000   2

St. Marys Hospital Rochester  Rochester, MN  1994   1

St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center  Madison, WI  1994   1

St. Mary's Medical Center  Evansville, IN  1994-96   3

St. Michael Health Care Center - Texarkana, TX

++ St. Peter's Hospital - Albany, NY

St. Peter's Hospital  Albany, NY  1998   1

St. Rita's Medical Center  Lima, OH  1996, 99   2

St. Tammany Parish Hospital - Covington, LA

St. Thomas Health Services  Nashville, TN  1993-95, 98-99   5

St. Vincent Health System - Little Rock, AR

++ St. Vincent Hospital - Green Bay, WI

St. Vincent Hospital  Green Bay, WI  1994   1

St. Vincent Hospitals & Health Services  Indianapolis, IN  1998-99   2

St. Vincent's Medical Center  Jacksonville, FL  1994-96   3

Stanford University Hospital  Stanford, CA  1994   1

State of Colorado - Denver, CO

Staten Island University Hospital  Staten Island, NY  1996-98   3

Stevens Healthcare - Edmonds, WA

Straub Clinic & Hospital, Inc. - Honolulu, HI

Suburban Hospital, Inc. - Bethesda, MD

Summa Health System - Akron, OH

Summit Medical Center  Hermitage, TN  1997   1

Sunnyside Community Hospital  Sunnyside, WA  1994, 98   2

Sunrise Hospital - Las Vegas, NV

SW Florida Regional Medical Center  Fort Myers, FL  1996-97   2

Swedish American Hospital  Rockford, IL  1999   1

Tanner Medical Center Villa Rica  Villa Rica, GA  1996   1

Tempe St. Luke's Hospital  Tempe, AZ  2000   1

Terre Haute Regional Hospital  Terre Haute, IN  2000   1

Texas Health Resources - Dallas, TX

Texas Health Resources - Fort Worth, TX

Texoma HealthCare System - Denison, TX

Theda Clark Medical Center  Neenah, WI  1993, 1999-2000   3

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center - Thibodaux, LA

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital  Philadelphia, PA  1997, 2000   2

Thomason Hospital - El Paso, TX

Thomasville Infirmary  Thomasville, AL  2000   1

Three Rivers Hospital Dimmick  Grant's Pass, OR  1993   1

Titusville Area Hospital  Titusville, PA  2000   1

TMC HealthCare - Tucson, AZ

Torrance Memorial Medical Center  Torrance, CA  1993-95   3

Touro Infirmary - New Orleans, LA

Tri-City Community Hospital  Jourdanton, TX  1999   1

Tri-City Health Center  Dallas, TX  1995   1

Tri-City Medical Center  Oceanside, CA  1994-97   4

TriCore Reference Laboratories - Albuquerque, NM

Trident Medical Center  Charleston, SC  1998-99   2

Trinity Hospital  Erin, TN  1997   1

Tucson Medical Center  Tucson, AZ  1995   1

Tulane University Hospital Clinic - New Orleans, LA

Tuomey Regional Medical Center - Sumter, SC

Twin Falls Clinic & Hospital  Twin Falls, ID  1997   1

UC Davis Medical Center  Sacramento, CA  1994   1

UCSF Stanford Health Care  San Francisco, CA  1994-97   4

Union General Hospital  Blairsville, GA  1994   1

Union Hospital  Mayville, ND  1996   1

Uniontown Hospital - Uniontown, PA

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Cincinnati, OH

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Dayton, OH

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Duluth, MN

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Indianapolis, IN

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Lansing, MI

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Metairie, LA

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Milwaukee, WI

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Phoenix, AZ

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Salt Lake City, UT

United HeaIthCare Corporation - San Diego, CA

United HeaIthCare Corporation - San Francisco, CA

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Seattle, WA

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Tucson, AZ

United HeaIthCare Corporation - Vancouver, WA

United HealthCare Corporation - Albany, NY

United HealthCare Corporation - Asheville, NC

United HealthCare Corporation - Atlanta, GA

United HealthCare Corporation - Augusta GA

United HealthCare Corporation - Austin, TX

United HealthCare Corporation - Baltimore, MD

United HealthCare Corporation - Baton Rouge, LA

United HealthCare Corporation - Birmingham, AL

United HealthCare Corporation - Brea, CA

United HealthCare Corporation - Brockton, MA

United HealthCare Corporation - Cary, NC

United HealthCare Corporation - Charlotte, NC

United HealthCare Corporation - Chicago, IL

United HealthCare Corporation - Cleveland, OH

United HealthCare Corporation - Columbia, MO

United HealthCare Corporation - Columbia, SC

United HealthCare Corporation - Columbus, OH

United HealthCare Corporation - Corpus Christi, TX

United HealthCare Corporation - Dallas, TX

United HealthCare Corporation - Dunbar, WV

United HealthCare Corporation - East Syracuse, NY

United HealthCare Corporation - Englewood, CO

United HealthCare Corporation - Fairfield, NJ

United HealthCare Corporation - Farmington, MO

United HealthCare Corporation - Flagstaff AZ

United HealthCare Corporation - Fort Lauderdale, FL

United HealthCare Corporation - Fort Myers, FL

United HealthCare Corporation - Glen Allen, VA

United HealthCare Corporation - Greensboro, NC

United HealthCare Corporation - Hartford, CT

United HealthCare Corporation - Hopkins, MN

United HealthCare Corporation - Houston, TX

United HealthCare Corporation - Jackson, MI

United HealthCare Corporation - Kalamazoo, MI

United HealthCare Corporation - Kingston, NY

United HealthCare Corporation - Lake Havasu City, AZ

United HealthCare Corporation - Las Vegas, NV

United HealthCare Corporation - Lexington, KY

United HealthCare Corporation - Little Rock, AR

United HealthCare Corporation - Long Beach, CA

United HealthCare Corporation - Melbourne, FL

United HealthCare Corporation - Miami, FL

United HealthCare Corporation - Milmay, NJ

United HealthCare Corporation - Mobile, AL

United HealthCare Corporation - Muskegon, MI

United HealthCare Corporation - Nashville, TN

United HealthCare Corporation - New York, NY

United HealthCare Corporation - Oakland, CA

United HealthCare Corporation - Omaha, NE

United HealthCare Corporation - Orlando, FL

United HealthCare Corporation - Pensacola, FL

United HealthCare Corporation - Philadelphia, PA

United HealthCare Corporation - Pittsburgh, PA

United HealthCare Corporation - Portland, OR

United HealthCare Corporation - Ridgeland, MS

United HealthCare Corporation - Rome, NY

United HealthCare Corporation - San Juan, PR

United HealthCare Corporation - Shawnee Mission, KS

United HealthCare Corporation - Smithtown, NY

United HealthCare Corporation - Somerset, NJ

United HealthCare Corporation - Springfield, MO

United HealthCare Corporation - St. Louis, MO

United HealthCare Corporation - Tampa, FL

United HealthCare Corporation - Vienna, VA

United HealthCare Corporation - Warwick, RI

United HealthCare Corporation - Washington, DC

United HealthCare Corporation - Westport, CT

United HealthCare Corporation - Wilmington, NC

United HealthCare Corporation - Yuma, AZ

United Hospital  St. Paul, MN  1994-95   2

United Memorial Health Center  Greenville, MI  1997-98, 2000   3

Univ. Hosp. Health/Geauga Reg. Hosp.  Chardon, OH  1998   1

Univ. Hospital and Med. Ctr. at Stony Brook  Stony Brook, NY  1999   1

Univ. of Washington Medical Center  Seattle, WA  1993   1

Univ. of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics  Madison, WI  1993   1

University Health Partners - Oklahoma City, OK

University Health System - San Antonio, TX

University Health System  San Antonio, TX  1997   1

University Hospital - Denver, CO

University Hospital  Albuquerque, NM  1993   1

University Hospital  Cincinnati, OH  1993, 95   2

University Hospital  Denver, CO  1996   1

University Hospital  Lexington, KY  1993-95   3

University Hospitals & Clinics - Columbia, MO

University Hospitals Health System - Cleveland, OH

University Medical Center  Las Vegas, NV  1997   1

University Mednet - Euclid, OH

++ University of Alabama - Birmingham - Birmingham, AL

University of Alabama Hospital  Birmingham, AL  1996   1

++ University of Chicago Hospital - Chicago, IL

University of Chicago Hospital  Chicago, IL  1995   1

University of Houston - Houston, TX

University of Illinois Hospital - Chicago, IL

University of Kentucky Human
Resources Center - Lexington, KY

University of Maryland Medical System - Baltimore, MD

University of Michigan Health Systems  Ann Arbor, MI  1993-94   2

++ University of Michigan Medical Center - Ann Arbor, MI

University of Mississippi Medical Center - Jackson, MS

University of North Carolina Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC

University of Tennessee Memorial Hosp.  Knoxville, TN  1999   1

University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston, TX

University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston, TX

University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics - Salt Lake City, UT

University of Virginia Medical Center  Charlottesville, VA  1998-99   2

University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics - Madison, WI

UPMC Bedford Memorial  Everett, PA  1994   1

UPMC Health System - Pittsburgh, PA

UPMC Passavant  Pittsburgh, PA  2000   1

UPMC—Horizon  Greenville, PA  1993   1

Utah Southwestern Health System - Dallas, TX

Utah Southwestern Medical Center - Dallas, TX

Valley Health System - Winchester, VA

Valley View Medical Center  Cedar City, UT  1998-2000   3

++ Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN

Vanderbilt University Hospital  Nashville, TN  1999-2000   2

Vencor Hospital - Albuquerque, NM

Via Christi Health System - Wichita, KS

++ Victory Health Systems - Waukegan, IL   ?

Victory Memorial Hospital  Waukegan, IL  1993   1

Virginia Department of Mental Health &
Mental Retardation - Chesapeake, VA

Virginia Department of Personnel - Amonate, VA

Virginia Department of Personnel - Bristol, VA

Virginia Department of Personnel - Charlottesville, VA

Virginia Department of Personnel - Culpeper, VA

Virginia Department of Personnel - Fort Lee, VA

Virginia Department of Personnel - Lynchburg, VA

Virginia Department of Personnel - Pleasantville, NY

Virginia Department of Personnel - Portsmouth, VA

Virginia Department of Personnel - Roanoke, VA

Visiting Nurse Service of New York - Webster, NY

W.A. Foote Memorial Hospital  Jackson, MI  1995-96   2

Wadley Regional Medical Center - Texarkana, TX

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center - Winston Salem, NC

Walls Regional Hospital  Cleburne, TX  1994-95, 98   3

Washington County Health System, Inc.  Hagerstown, MD  1997-98, 2000   3

Washington Hospital Center  Washington, DC  1999   1

Washoe Health System - Reno, NV

Waukesha Memorial Hospital  Waukesha, WI  1995   1

Waupun Memorial Hospital  Waupun, WI  1996   1

++ Wausau Hospital - Wausau, WI

Wausau Hospital  Wausau, WI  1994   1

Wayne County Hospital  Monticello, KY  1995-96   2

WCA Hospital - Jamestown, NY

Wedowee Hospital  Wedowee, AL  1999   1

Welborn Baptist Hospital - Evansville, IN

Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center  Kingsport, TN  1999   1

WellStar Cobb Hospital  Austell, GA  1994   1

WellStar Douglas Hospital  Douglasville, GA  1999-2000   2

WellStar Kennestone Hospital  Marietta, GA  1993, 1998-2000   4

Wesley Medical Center - Wichita, KS

West Florida Regional Medical Center  Pensacola, FL  1995   1

West Jefferson Medical Center  Marrero, LA  1996   1

West Virginia University Hospitals - Morgantown, WV North Central Region

Westchester Medical Center - Valhalla, NY

Western Maryland Health System - Cumberland, MD

Western Pennsylvania Hospital - Pittsburgh, PA

Westmoreland Regional Hospital  Greensburg, PA  2000   1

Westview Hospital  Indianapolis, IN  1996   1

Whidbey General Hospital - Coupeville, WA

Whitesburg ARH  Whitesburg, KY  1993   1

Whitman Hospital & Medical Center  Colfax, WA  1994-95   2

Wichita Clinic - Eureka, KS

Wichita Clinic - Wichita, KS

Wilcox Memorial Hospital  Lihue, HI  1999   1

Willamette Falls Hospital  Oregon City, OR  1993   1

William Beaumont Hospital  Royal Oak, MI  1997-2000   4

William Beaumont Hospital Troy  Troy, MI  1998-99   2

Willis Knighton South  Shreveport, LA  1994   1

Wilson N Jones Regional Health - Sherman, TX

Winchester Hospital  Winchester, MA  1997   1

Winchester Medical Center  Winchester, VA  1994   1

Winona Memorial Hospital - Indianapolis, IN South Central Region

Wishard Memorial Hospital  Indianapolis, IN  1993-95   3

Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, LA

Woods Memorial Hospital  Etowah, TN  1996   1

Yavapai Regional Medical Center - Prescott, AZ

++ York Health Systems - York, PA

York Hospital  York, PA  1997-2000   4

Zeeland Community Hospital  Zeeland, MI  1993   1


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Introduction:  Watson-Wyatt v. Solucient
          Watson-Wyatt Survey 1:  Kinds of Hospitals Responding
          Watson-Wyatt Survey 2:  Selected Data on Chaplains
          Watson-Wyatt Survey 3:  Selected Data on Chaplains – Not-For-Profit
2.  Solucient’s 460 Hospitals that Made the 100 Top Hospitals List
3.  Combined Lists Hospitals and Observations:  REVIEW In ORDER
4.  Combined List of Hospitals

Compare Chaplaincy Market Study

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[2] Ibid., pages 16-17.

[3] These are rough estimates from the data given later on the numbers of Chaplains in positions compared with the number of organizations reporting.  And these do not include Chaplain supervisors that generally are called "Directors of Pastoral Care" or some other title that is not included in Watson Wyatt Surveys.

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