WHY  TDCJ  Chaplains 

               Should  Join  Together


The Value of Faith.

Indeed, about the value of Religion & Religious Education.  Is Faith and Religion important to you?  Is your seminary and religious education important to you?  Do you think Faith & Religion are consistent with the values and mission of TDCJ?  Do you believe that seminary and religious education is important to Texas and Texans?

The Value of a Profession.  

Do you see the Chaplaincy as valid profession, equal to education, law, programming, engineering?  Do you value your education and experience?  As ministry, it was the first profession.  Do you believe it has issues of stress, complexity and responsibility equal to and exceeding other professions within TDCJ?

Professional Equity & Parity with other Professions.

This is about growth and empowering the chaplaincy department to develop and support chaplains to do more of their professional duties, indeed, to truly collaborate and further develop their own specialized profession.

Economic Freedom with other Professions with TDCJ.

We have not be significantly reclassified in 20 years, while others have been several times.  This is about family, the chaplain’s family.  Why should a HS/GED grad with 1 year experience be allowed to enter into TDCJ at the same pay scale as a ten (10) year veteran chaplain with 3 degrees, clinical exp. and "decades" of years of experience?  It is time to address Equity and Parity for Chaplains.

This is Not a Civil Rights Movement
                     Not a Declaration of Independence.

No one will get killed.  No one will have their homes confiscated.  This is about empowering us to make larger, more significant contributions to Team TDCJ and Texas’ safety and citizenship.  No one wants to help TDCJ employees, inmates, volunteers and the families of all more than chaplains.  The fact that some chaplains fear banding together--of all people--is an indication all the more for the need for parity and professional collaboration.  More to the point, the Value of Religion is intuitively obvious to everyone—if it can just come credibly to light, parity will follow.

This is Simply Chaplains Banding Together

To do what they can, what they have the “Right” to do and what  NO One  will do for them.  This is about truly accessing the faith resources in Texas and beyond.

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