Texas State Auditor's 

                  Methodology Manual

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This is how the State Auditor's Office says it does it's job.  It is an expansive set of documents, drawn from a number of resources.  Of special note to Chaplain Professional Equity, one ought to look at their list of Professional Periodicals and list of Professional Associations relevant to the Auditor's Office.  The lists are impressive. 

Look next to the home page of www.PreciousHeart.net and scroll the Professional Periodicals that are informative to Chaplains -- the list is a lot longer.   So are the archives.

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The State Auditor's Web site:  http://www.sao.state.tx.us 

The State Auditor's Office has huge responsibilities, receiving and issuing reports on every conceivable aspect of Texas government.  Even a short review of the web site indicates a massive amount of work.  

Here is the link to the Manual itself: http://www.sao.state.tx.us/Resources/Manuals/Method/, and there are other manuals available.  With respect to the downloaded version of the Auditor's Office Manual, please note the following discrepancies in the Un-Zipped Version:

--The "Resources" link on the "Analyzing Data" section is wrong;  it is the last page some other module.

--There is an extra file "6perfmea.pdf" that is the 1994 version of the "Performance Measurement" file (1996 version).

--Two very critical files in the download do not have links:
the "Professional Periodical" list and the "Professional Associations" list.

--On ALL of the pages there is a "Return" link that does not go back to the table of contents page which is "-all-toc.pdf" -- which would be surely hard to find for a normal user (and that is not what was is listed in the "readme" file either.